3G-A Killer Connection (2013) Hindi Movie Review | 7 Critic Reviews | Neil Nitin Mukhesh, Sonal Chauhan


neil nitin mukhesh, sonal chauhan, mrinalini sharma, ashish kapoor, himani chauhan, amol lal, visharad sharan, konrad thorpe

3G-A Killer Connection Movie Posterdirection:

sheershak anand,shantanu ray chhibber


sheershak anand,shantanu ray chhibber


sheershak anand,shantanu ray chhibber


sumit saxena

weird aggregate rating 3.7/10cinematography:

keiko nakahara


amar mohile,mithun sharma

produced by:

sunil lulla,vikram rajini







Reviews- (Ratings out of 10)

  •  Times of India -madhurita mukherjee rating-5
 What if the dead were just a phone call away? Probably on your speed dial? Press 'G' (for ghosts) and get connected to anyone at 3G speed on the 'other side of life'. In the 'no network' zone, where no 'App' in the world can help trace the number of the 'deadly' ones
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  •  Rediff -ankur pathak rating-3
The best thing about this film by debutant directors Shantanu and Sheershak are the creative opening credits. And that’s where it ends.Neil Nitin Mukeh’s Sam and Sonal Chauhan’s Sheena are on a holiday in the exotic islands of Fiji (Foreign location for lesser money given the Fiji government’s
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  •  koimoi -ashay d rating-3
Sam (Neil Nitin Mukesh) bestows a surprise visit to his girlfriend Sheena (Sonal Chuhan) at Fiji. Flabbergasted Sheena hugs Sam tightly causing his phone to sink in the water. Later on when they set out to purchase a new phone, Sam’s interest is grabbed by a second hand instrument
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  •  The News Tribe -faisal saif rating-3
I knew Sheershak Anand and Shantanu Ray Chibber are the same writer’s who wrote this year’s first Independent Super Hit film ‘Table No 21′. This was the only curiosity that kept me going while i was entering the Auditorium to see the film. When i asked Sheershak and Shantanu
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  •  Mid-Day -shaheen parker rating-3
But the scare factor begins and ends within minutes ---- in as much time you can dial a number. When peals of laughter fill the auditorium, it is clear that the chills are more amusing than hair-raising
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  •  Indian Express -shubra gupta rating-5
What if the press of a button whistles up not the person you want, but someone who sends you spiralling into hell? What if it is not a phone but an instrument of death and disaster?
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  •  zee news -ananya bhattacharya rating-4
Writer-Director duo Sheershak Anand and Shantanu Ray Chhibber’s ‘3G’ is a psychological horror film that has been touted to be an almost genre-defining one. In addition to that is the fact that the offering at hand deals with something as common in our technology-driven lives of the day
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3G A Killer Connection (2013)
3.7 out of 10
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7 reviews.