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  •  Indian Express -shubra gupta rating-3
Priyadarshan has been growing so steadily unwatchable these days that you fear the worst when you step into Rangrezz, a remake of the Tamil hit Naadodigal. As the film unspools, each of those fears come true: this is rock-bottom
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  •  Times of India -madhurita mukherjee rating-5
So, here's the story of BFFs (best friends forever) revisited. Only this one's not about boys on a bachelor's trip (read: road film) or the boy gang-bang kind of stuff (read: sex comedies). The theme of 'Rangrezz', is more like 'dosts till death do us part', with of course, a melange of other issues
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  •  DNA -tushar joshi rating-3
While the motive might be sincere, the execution lacks the same sentiment. There are too many parallel plots, unnecessary diversions, songs that pop up like burnt toasts, and dialogues that read out of a rejected TV soaps pilot episode. Priyadarshan loses track mid way and instead of exploring
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  •  Daily Bhaskar -mayank shekar rating-3
It’s easy to create celebrities. You only have to pay. The frequency with which your picture or video proliferates in the media – God knows you can buy each outlet – secures fame in the eyes of the unsuspecting public. Jacky Bhagnani, son of producer and real estate developer Vashu Bhagnani,
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  •  Rediff -ankur pathak rating-6
Rangrezz (remake of Tamil hit Naadodigal), which in Hindi means the person who dyes clothes (the symbolic meaning being someone who adds color to life), is a powerful film about three seemingly aimless youngsters living in the chawls of Mumbai, who are blinded by the idea of friendship,
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  •  koimoi -mohar basu rating-4
The script scores for it’s wonderfully thought climax. I was especially impressed with the writer’s creative bent to conceive a thought provoking and unusual take on otherwise rather delved into concept of love and relationships. There is a good blend of intelligence and drama.
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  •  Hindustan Times -anupama chopra rating-5
Rangrezz is an over-wrought melodrama, which has stray moments of power but is ultimately is too convoluted to be convincing. Rangrezz is a remake of a Tamil film Naadodigal and the best thing about it is an unexpected twist in plot. Director Priyadarshan attempts to create a gritty ode to friendship,
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Rangrezz (2013)
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