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Rakshit Shetty, Shwetha Srivatsav, Srinagar Kitty


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Manohar Joshi


B.J. Bharath

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weird rating 6.0/10Romance, Comedy

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130 Minutes


simpallag ond love story generated some buzz with its trailer months back and got released yesterday across karnataka.

Its a rainy day in Bangalore and our lead actor is off to pali betta somewhere in Coorg to meet his would be? wife. All the way he keeps reporting all the happenings to his younger sister who is a rj till the end of the movie .
simpallag ond love story starts pleasantly carrying a good mood forward and the locations in coorg add to it. Kushal(lead character) is a hobby photographer or atleast what it appears to be, is busy clicking photos when suddenly he spots a girl who is clicking photos too and to his surprise she turns out to be the girl who he is going to marry.

simpallag ondh love story starts getting boring when the lead pair share thier previous love encounters and the love story involving a sand sculpturer really made me doze off.
 most of the actors(or all of them?) are new faces or atleast I have not seen them on screen before,but thier acting is good and they dont make us feel they are newbies.
the boring phase ends with first half and the second half is pacy.
most of the dialogues in the movie are like riddles with some being easy and some feel like they are taken from the cbi report in the mining scam(like the starting conversation between kushal and his rj sister) nevertheless they are light hearted and put a smile on our face or a high decibel laughter more often!
the shooting locations are good and the good camera work adds to it doing a lot good to the movie.
the mood swings are rapid in the second half and feels a little undercooked at times (the first slap) but it doesnt get boring in the second half. most of the scenes from the trailer are in the second part and its good to see when they come.
songs are choreographed well; especially the song where everything starts flying in the air!
climax has got twists and it is a surprise.
simpallag ondh love story does bore you in between but it is a good attempt.
its been a long time since a kannada movie came with more matierial.
Final Words-simpallag(complex?) one day love story.
-By Weirdo

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