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ravichetan,madan patel,dayanand and others


madan patel


weird rating 2.0/10drama





yaarivanu is a kannada movie directed by madan patel involving fake astrologers and horny swamis.The intent of the movie yaarivanu according to mr.madan patel is to spread awareness among people not to fall prey to horny   
swamis like satyananda;while the intent is good but the execution fails miserably.
ten minutes into the movie and you ll know you shouldnt expect anything from the movie.we see a married female trying to commit suicide in the first scene succumbing to the sexual harrassement of swami satyananda.the scene is largely uncooked with none of the actors knowing acting.
The first half of yaarivanu is more about madan patel and his intended movie on satyananda and very less about satyananda himself.
this is a low budget movie where everything fails badly.
background score,music,songs are pathetic.
low qwality high decibel music overrides the lyrics and the dialogues.
even the lyrics of the songs are pathetically bad,and there is a song 'mundaisbedro' we really feel screaming the same in the movie hall.
the dialogues are even more pathetic;take for example-'you are rightly said sebastian' !!! lol
The camerawork is equally bad and the camera struggles to stay still.
There is no story in yaarivanu,it looks like a vaguely edited compilation scenes 
of re-enacted newspaper articles.
there is nothing new in yaarivanu to offer.everything was said and printed in the visual and the print media.not recommended.
-by weirdo.
Yaarivanu 2013 Kannada Movie
2 out of10
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