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luke kenny,kirti kulhari,ashwin mushran,benjamin gilani,prem thapa

Rise of The Zombie (2013) Hindi Movie Posterdirection:

luke kenny
devaki singh


devaki singh


luke kenny

Not Rateddialogue:


murzi pagdiwala


produced by:

luke kenny , devaki singh







Reviews- (Ratings out of 10)

  •  pardaphash -faisal saif rating-6
Those who are unaware about the 'zombie' term, it means animated corpse resurrected by mystical means such as Witchcraft. At least, this is what Wikipedia says. The 'Zombie' which we have been introduced with (Especially by the "West" culture) means 'living-dead'. Zombies doesn't behave
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  •  Times of India -renuka vyavahare rating-4
The film has been shot in a documentary-drama style which disappoints as the treatment doesn't work, given the genre. There is no 'thrill' element at all, an absolute necessity here. The 'silent nothingness' goes on forever
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  •  IBN -rohit vats rating-4
'Rise of the Zombie' is not the first Indian film to feature zombies but we as a film watching community have always remained confused about the difference between zombies and vampires. The popular Indian horror filmmakers followed the trend of Dracula style monsters who wouldn't be killed
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  •  Economic Times -gaurav malani rating-4
For a genre that's virtually alien to Bollywood,Rise of the Zombie makes an earnest attempt towards the initiation of the species. However the prime problem with this film is that it gets overambitious in planning itself as a trilogy
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