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saif ali khan, kunal khemu, vir das, suparn verma, anand tiwari, puja gupta
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krishna dk, raj nidimoru


krishna dk, raj nidimoru, seeta menon


krishna dk, raj nidimoru, seeta menon



weird aggregate rating 5.7/10Dan Macarthur, Lukasz Pruchnik



produced by:

saif ali khan, sunil lulla, dinesh vijan




adventure, comedy



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  •  Bollywood Hungama -taran adarsh rating-7
Bollywood has dabbled with ghosts, spirits and paranormal movies aplenty. Besides, the supernatural and horror genre is fast gaining popularity with dream merchants, after a hiatus. Now, storytellers in Mumbai are geared up to take the genre to an altogether new level,
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  •  Times of India -meena iyer rating-6
So who's a zombie? For some it's a sleep-derived person who walks around as if in a trance. For others, it's a soulless creature who can be revived by witchcraft. But in Krishna D K and Raj Nidimoru's Go Goa Gone, the zombies are some interesting creatures who've overdosed on a drug
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  •  Pardaphash -faisal saif rating-6
Performance wise, Kunal Khemu rocks the whole show. With his charm and outstanding punch-liners, Kunal is just hilarious. Please stay silent when Kunal explains (Or tries to explain) the rest two friends about Zombies, Globalization, Love Funda's, Plans etc.
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  •  NDTV -saibal chatterjee rating-6
The macabre spirit of George A Romero meets the crazy core of a Bollywood comic caper in an outrĂ© terrain  never seen before in a mainstream Hindi film – part Goa, part Mauritius, part tropical paradise swarming with zonked-out zombies fresh from a rave party gone horribly wrong.
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  •  Rediff -shubir rishi rating-5
When I first saw the trailer of Go Goa Gone, I was NOT impressed. And though I was pleasantly surprised that they were finally making a zombie movie here, I half-expected it to be a rip-off of some lesser-known European production. I was wrong. The first scene immediately
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  •  Zee News -ananya bhattacharya rating-6
Zombies are not exactly the friendliest of your ghosts. But they are devoid of any of the logical or reasoning capabilities, and therefore can come across as a tad dumber than the usual coterie of supernatural beings that we are so accustomed with here in the Hindi film industry.
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  •  koimoi -mohar basu rating-7
Packed with rude humor, building on a novel Hollywood concept, the film is a must watch for its perfect concoction of hilarity and horror. Doing justice to the idea of Zom-Com that they introduced, it is the naughty, spoofy and the uninhibited performances of Kunal Khemu and Vir Dasthat
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  •  Hindustan Times -anupama chopra rating-5
 A Bollywood zombie comedy — the idea itself is delicious. I was really pumped to see Go Goa Gone. Writer-directors Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK deliver what their zany promos promised, but only for half the film. Post-interval, the film does a zombie on us — it becomes dead,
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  •  IBN Live -rajeev masand rating-6
Go Goa Gone has been advertised as India's first zom-com, or a comedy about zombies. The film, starring Kunal Khemu, Vir Das, and Anand Tiwari as three best friends stranded on an island infested with flesh-eating zombies, works like magic when directors Krishna DK and Raj Nidimoru
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  •  Bollywood Life -prathamesh jadhav rating-6
For an audience (read masses) that has majorly grown up on a robust diet of filmi stories of ghosts, possessed bodies, revengeful souls, voodoo dolls, black magic et al – even paranormal elements and spiteful witches in recent times – director Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK’s Go Goa Gone
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  •  DNA -tushar joshi rating-7
There is ample blood, gore, stabbing, shooting, brains being blown up, arms amputated, to make you squirm if you aren’t familiar with the genre. But all of this is presented in a fun, satirical format that never takes itself too seriously. Even though these characters are in a life-threatening scenario,
  •  Indian Express -shubra gupta rating-5
Fittingly, Bollywood's first zom com (zombie comedy) borrows broad brushstrokes from this very Hollywood genre, not the least of which are the zombies, with their blank eyes, staggering walk, and blood-spattered teeth. That the setting is Goa, whose beaches are over-run with unwashed
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  •  Mumbai Mirror -karan anshuman rating-7
Finally. Zombies! It's about time the general Indian population was alerted about the possibility of a post-apocalyptic world where the dead walk and feast upon the living and bring them into their fold. I should admit that I'm a huge fan of the genre and have watched and read a lot 
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  •  Deccan Chronicle -khalid mohamed rating-2
Blondes have more fun! Whoa not really, going by the misadventures of Blondie Boris, a faux Russian, striving to combat a gang of creepy, flesh-eating zombies, somewhere out there in Goa.Blondie’s enacted by Saif Ali Khan, chewing a bullet and more, and could be the actor’s career-worst
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  •  Daily Bhaskar -mayank shekar rating-6
The first time the three lead characters in this film encounter what we can see to be drugged out humans with blood dripping from their melting faces, they wonder aloud who these creatures could be. They can bear sunlight, so they’re not vampires. We do spot a vampire in the opening scene
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  •  one india -nabanita roy rating-6
Hollywood's love for the zombie genre has been an age old saga. And now, it looks like the zombie bug has bitten Bollywood as well, with its latest zombie flick, which filmmakers hope will entice younger crowds back to Indian films from Hollywood's living dead. After Rise Of The Zombie,
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  •  Deccan Herald -manjula rating-4
As zombie films go, Go Goa Gone (G3) one believes, is a decent effort on part of director duo Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK. As one of the first films in the genre to hit the big screens in India, G3 has taken the right path — to blend horror and comic — for straightforward horror has often driven the
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