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Shadab Kamal, Shilpa Shukla, Vijay Kaushik, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Happy Ranjit, Amit Sharma, Geeta Aggarwal Sharma, Rajesh Sharma, Raveena Singh

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Ajay Bahl


Ritesh Shah


Ritesh Shah


Ritesh Shah

weird aggregate rating 6.2/10cinematography:

Ajay Bahl


Alokananda Dasgupta

produced by:

Tonga Talkies,Ajay Bahl





release date:

run time:
95 minutes
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  •  India Independent Films -Paresh Jha
There is a fine line with Indian films that deal with such issues and attempt to show them graphically. The filmmaker has decisions to make. In this case, Bahl had a short story to adapt, which obviously contained a lot of sexuality. Thankfully, just like the short story, those moments are actually character
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  •  Times of India -Madhureeta Mukherjee Rating-6
Unbutton, unbuckle and unstrap the senses. It's going to be one erotic escapade - kinky, caustic, brutal and brave. With ample 'O's and 'Ahhs!' Some painfully fake, others carnally climaxed. Adapted from Mohan Sikka's short story, 'Railway Aunty', it's about the doom and desperation of
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  •  NDTV -Saibal Chatterjee Rating-7
The film opens with a funereal scene of an extended family in mourning over a double tragedy. It closes with a shockingly distressing finale. And nothing that happens in between provides the minutest glimmer of hope. Yet BA Pass is never less than riveting.It is an unflinching, scalding tale that exposes
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  •  Bollywood Hungama -Rating-6
Converting a book into a film is a daunting task and director Ajay Bahl attempts just that with his film B.A. PASS. Based on a story 'The Railway Aunty' by Mohan Sikka from the book 'Delhi Noir', an anthology based mainly in and around Delhi, the film is the story of a young, small-town boy
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  •  Glamsham -Martin D'Souza Rating-9
Bahl does not hold any punches back, he delivers in style every scene, be it the one where Mukesh's helplessness is underlined early on, his sisters' plight, the scenes with the cemetery caretaker, the sensuous scenes with Sarika and her female friends, the scene when the husband walks in
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  •  In.com -Swathi Deogire Rating-7
Evolution of published stories on screen is a phenomenon not new to Hindi film audiences anymore. While the choice of topics usually limit themselves to the periphery of love, crime and magic; the translation of writer Mohan Sikka’s very bold short story ‘The Railway Aunty’ fires up a new era in Bollywood.
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  •  Indian Express -Shubra Gupta Rating-4
There is so little attention paid, in a thought-through manner, to the questions arising from marital emptiness and genteel, soul-sucking poverty, and urban decay that when a film like B.A.Pass comes along, you are willing it to be about all of this and more. Ajay Bahl's directorial debut lays out a plot
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  •  Rediff -Raja Sen Rating-7
One of the finest words to describe films about crime, it’s a delicious word, evoking images of a tightrope yanked to within inches of breaking point, a tensed muscle coiled for action, a narrative stretched like cling-film.Unfortunately, it is a word we Indian critics get to use less, since far too many of our films (our thrillers, especially) meander on
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  •  DNA -Tushar Joshi Rating-6
The casting is spot on. Bahl gets the right people to play these characters. Despite the somewhat over the top sex scenes, Shilpa Shukla manages to create an impact with her cold calculative stare and bold attitude. Her initial encounter with Shadab and their introductory scenes are engaging.
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  •  Deccan Chronicle -Khaled Mohamed Rating-8
(Last year, I had seen the film at New Delhi’s Osian’s Cinefan Festival, where it picked up the Best Film Award for its humane treatment of a taboo subject: male sex workers. The jury’s decision was unanimous. Today, on second viewing at a multiplex, the film continues to pack a punch, as much for its
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  •  India Today -Rating-8
BA Pass is a gripping story of a young man's journey into the world of prostitution, the man being impoverished. Debutant director Ajay Bahl has created a gem, which shines as a work of art, showing life's most grim and harsh reality. This is a story of Mukesh's (Shadab Kamal) descent into
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  •  Now Running -Mansha Rastogi Rating-6
Amidst the clut of the lackluster films that released last week and are releasing this week as well comes a highly acclaimed erotica B.A. Pass. The film has won accolades and nominations at various film festivals and the makers have made sure that it doesn't get unnoticed.
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  •  Mumbai Mirror -Karan Anshuman Rating-6
It's raining quality indies in B-town. After the epoch-ushering Ship of Theseus comes BA Pass, a first film by Ajay Bahl adapted from Mohan Sikka's The Railway Aunty, a short story. Masterful craftsmanship couples with riveting storytelling to form a satiating noir feature on the themes of lust and
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  •  IBN Live -Rajeev Masand Rating-6
In a voiceover during the film's opening scene, as he stares emptily at his parents' corpses before him, Mukesh, the protagonist of 'BA Pass' describes their untimely deaths as a betrayal. It's the first of many to come for this unsuspecting young boy, played by Shadab Kamal,
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