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Ranbir Kapoor, Pallavi Sharda, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh, Javed Jaffrey

Besharam 2013 movie posterdirection:

Abhinav Kashyap


Abhinav Kashyap,Rajeev Barnwal


Abhinav Kashyap



weird aggregate rating 3.9/10Madhu Vannier


Lalit Pandit

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Himanshu Mehra,Sanjeev Gupta





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142 minutes
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Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh are not my parents:Ranbir Kapoor-IBN Live
Lalit Pandit composes music for 'Besharam'-Indian Express
'Besharam' will be released in 3600 screens in India, beating 'Chennai Express' -Indian Express


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  •  Bollywood Hungama -Taran Adarsh Rating-3
BESHARAM is Ranbir's first tryst with an out-and-out masala film. A genre that's suddenly caught the fancy of every actor in tinsel town. But, unlike most masalathons, BESHARAM is no remake of a South Indian blockbuster. This one's more like the vintage masala films that we relished

  •  Koimoi -Mohar Basu Rating-5
The film has the unstoppable yarn like Dabangg but the scriptwriters add novelty to the tapestry by adding a zestful flavor to what could easily be deemed as formulaic. Kashyap is still just as forcefully loud and the humor is irreverent and purposefully grotesque! The story’s crux is very engaging
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  •  Book My Show -Saumya Sharma Rating-3
When a ‘romantic’ song starts sounding like an item number worse than the legendary Fevicol song, you know there’s little you should expect. Especially when it happens in the first few minutes of the movie. It is indubitable that Besharam is the next film to join the 100 crore bandwagon,
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  •  India Today -Rohit Khilnani Rating-2
The reason Filmmaker Abhinav Singh Kashyap succeeded the first time with Dabangg was because he had Salman Khan who is capable of pulling off all the possible non nonsensical scenes and dialogues given to him; it works with Salman's fans almost all the time. Now the director tries to do something
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  •  Rediff -Sukanya Verma Rating-3
If Dabangg benefitted from Salman Khan’s effusive charisma, trippy treatment, Sonakshi Sinha’s piquant presence and a swashbuckling background score, Besharam relies on Kapoors – Ranbir, Rishi and Neetu to do miracles without any of the crisply penned lines or a witty screenplay at their disposal.
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  •  DNA -Sarita Tanvar Rating-5
You go to the theatre expecting Besharam to be 'Dabangg-ish' or something similar to director Abhinav Kashyap's first film. The trailers even hinted at a film that spoofs the Salman Khan starrer  and other Hindi films, however,Besharam is definitely not that.The film is different even

  •  Zee News -Aparna Mudi Rating-4
‘Dabbang’ was a great make of classic masala film making that came from Abhinav Kashyap, and was pulled off with √©lan by Salman Khan. Salman stood out in his archaic 1990s hero avatar, delivering loudmouthed-applause-inducing dialogues looking as if he spoke like this every day.
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  •  NDTV -Saibal Chatterjee Rating-5
Most of the comic gags that Besharam conjures up hinge on the film’s pivotal casting coup. The idea of playing the mercurial Ranbir Kapoor off against the spirited pair of Rishi and Neetu Kapoor (in the guise of ageing Delhi cops married to each other) offsets the deleterious effects of the duller moments.
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  •  Now Running -Mansha Rastogi Rating-3
There's a lot going for Besharam; the maker who gave cine buffs their much loved character Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan), Abhinav Kashyap being at the helm of affairs, Ranbir Kapoor, who is in top form, playing the lead and the evergreen pair Rishi Kapoor - Neetu Singh playing couple oncreen.
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  •  IBN Live -Rajeev Masand Rating-2
In the six years since he's been working as a Hindi film actor, Ranbir Kapoor has displayed a knack for picking mostly interesting films without worrying too much about their box-office potential. His resume boasts such respectable titles as 'Wake Up Sid', 'Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year', 'Raajneeti',
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  •  Times of India -Madhureeta Mukherjee Rating-7
Remote control Ranbir is here. He can change your mood with a flick of an emotion. Laughter, tears, joy and palang tod romeo-giri. Bedazzling the eyes with baubles, goggles and padded crotches. Yes, he packs in this 'bulge' with besharmi and fearlessness.
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  •  Mumbai Mirror -Karan Anshuman Rating-3
A garage-owner character tells Ranbir Kapoor, who threatens to kill him in a comic scene, that he'd be making a huge mistake because he's his goose that lays golden eggs and pays his bills. This makes sense to Babli (RK's character) and he lets him go.
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  •  Indian Express -Shubra Gupta Rating-3
This is a film which pre-empts us from coming up with the classic line, "haaye, sharam nahin aati hai kya", because it is called Besharam. Which then frees it to indulge in every single "shameless" thing a Bollywood flick safely can, presumably because it has an A-list star.
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  •  The W14 -Mayank Shekar Rating-4
This film tries so desperately hard to entertain its audiences that at some point after the interval it stops pretending to be a film altogether. This is when I stopped bothering with notes of any kind, and there is nothing memorable enough to recall either.
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  •  One India -Nabanita Rating-6
It is often seen that a Bollywood movie, without a Khan, doesn't really manage to pull the Indian crowd to the theatres. But, here's one actor, who doesn't require any 'superstar' tag, instead he has honestly proven himself to be a talent tornado! And yes, the Indian moviebuffs love him
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  •  Bollywood Life -Shweta Parande Rating-4
Not for nothing did producer Arbaaz Khan take half the credit for the success of Salman Khan‘s blockbuster Dabangg, which was the directorial debut of Abhinav Kashyap. While that might seem a biting comment, catch Kashyap Junior’s second outing if you don’t believe us.
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  •  Deccan Chronicle -Khaled Mohamed Rating-6
Riding completely on the charm of the Besharam boy, Abhinav Singh Kashyap steps back to permit him to dominate the show. Wise move. Because there’s no story, logic or cinematic flourishes in the writer-director’s armoury. Instead, here’s a Ranbir Kapoor show, an actor who makes magic of the hoariest
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  •  Mid-Day -Shubha Shetty Saha Rating-4
What happens when the lollypop loving ‘shameless’ hero meets the nail-filer holding villain with a constipated body language? No, don’t expect this to be anywhere close to the dhamaka that happened when the director of this film, Abhinav Kashyap met Salman Khan for his first film, 'Dabangg'.
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  •  Indiaglitz -Vishal Verma Rating-6
'Besharam' the Reliance Entertainment Presentation of a Movie Temple Production helmed by the 'Dabangg' tagged Abhinav Kashyap overwhelmingly rides on Ranbir Kapoor's massy dhamal act and is shamelessly proud to be simple but still it is contagious to fans.
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  •  Filmfare -Rachit Gupta Rating-4
String together seven songs and a few gags and you’ve got yourself Besharam. It’s an unbelievably lightweight story.  But that doesn’t stop director Abhinav Singh Kashyap from conjuring up a 2-and-a-half hour feature film. The only thing that makes this silly potboiler bearable
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  •  The Front Row -Anupama Chopra Rating-2
As I watched Besharam, I marveled at Abhinav Singh Kashyap’s powers at pitching stories. How, I wondered, did he convince not only Bollywood’s hottest new superstar Ranbir Kapoor but also his parents, to sign up for this train-wreck of a film. What did he say that made them do the things
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  •  Sify -Sonia Chopra Rating-3
So a woman in a car will be commented on like this, “Driver to totta hai, ek bhi dent nahin hai body mein.” This is Tara (Pallavi Sharda), the woman our hero has fallen for (naturally at first sight; there's no other way in commercial Bollywood). He pursues her, she rejects his advances.
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  •  Glamsham -Martin D'Souza Rating-2
First, the good news; giving BESHARAM and extended opening with a release on a public holiday is an experiment that has worked. At least the producers will be able to rake in a decent initial. Ranbir Kapoor is fast gaining in on the popularity charts and has been able to draw in a decent crowd
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  •  Yahoo Movies -Rummana Ahmed Rating-6
We have come to expect a certain amount of discretion and class when Ranbir Kapoor decides to do a film and it rankles when we realize that his latest work disappoints on various accounts. Ranbir does his best to rise above a flimsy plot but he gets no support from the other quarters.
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