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Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi, Kangana Ranaut, Riya Sen, Rekha, Arif Zakaria, Rajpal Yadav, Asif Basra, Rakhi Vijayan

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Rakesh Roshan


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Rakesh Roshan, David Benullo, Akarsh Khurana, Honey Irani, Robin Bhatt, Irfan Kamal


Sanjay Masoom

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S. Tirru


Rajesh Roshan, Salim-Sulaiman

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Rakesh Roshan





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150 minutes
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  •  Bollywood Hungama -Taran Adarsh Rating-9
Exactly a decade back, even Rakesh Roshan would've never envisaged that KOI... MIL GAYA [2003] would cover such a long and prosperous distance, regaling audiences and winning hearts across the globe. The gargantuan success of KOI... MIL GAYA encouraged the Roshans to create one of the most
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  •  India Today -Rohit Khilnani Rating-7
After two huge successes, the latest installment of the Krrish franchise had to be bigger. And there's no doubt that it is much bigger in scale. The special effects live up to the expectations and the good news is, it's all done in India. In fact, it's the action that matches up to the scale of Hollywood films
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  •  Times of India -Madhureeta Mukherjee Rating-9
Evil doesn't raise its ugly head anymore. It raises a finger. But then 'Good' flies too. In 'Superhero' form - Caped, masked, winged - with muscles of steel and hearts of gold. Our comic-book phirang fantasy boys have flown high as 'Supermen' in Hollywood epics for eons.
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  •  FilmFare -Raedita Tandon Rating-8
There is Superman, Batman, Spiderman and then there is Krrish. Yes, they are all superheroes. Fighting the bad guys and saving the day. But this one’s born and brought up on Indian soil. Our first-ever home grown superhero. Something to be proud of? Definitely.
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  •  One India -Nabanita Rating-6
Superheroes have always captured the fancy of millions across the globe for ages and with the introduction of Krrish, India found its own bonafide superhero. Thanks to the Roshans, Bollywood has its first superhero franchise, that has taken one step further with the big release of Krrish 3 today,
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  •  Koimoi -Mohar Basu Rating-4
For a script, the makers used a strange concoction of every superhero science fiction film Hollywood has ever created. Stringing together a series of chapters, the film’s basic script isn’t entirely bad. Some instances do show logic and holds strongly the air of intelligence which is laudible.
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  •  Indian Express -Shubra Gupta Rating-4
'Krrish 3' is a superhero film. It is also a throwback to the creaky family entertainers Bollywood used to make. The hero has special powers, sure, but also a loving daddy, a lovely wifey, an attractive moll and a villain with severe daddy issues. Only a pet poodle or parrot is missing.
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  •  NDTV -Saibal Chatterjee Rating-5
If there is any worthwhile takeaway from Krrish 3, it is simply this: the titular masked messiah is an ‘idea’ and there is a superhero in each one of us.While the idea takes some time to crystallize and make sense, the superhero is ubiquitous and invincible right from the very outset.
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  •  Now Running -Mansha Rastogi Rating-5
At the outset, the third installment of the sci-fi series - Krrish 3 looks like a dish straight out of a Michelin star restaurant but as you sink your teeth in it takes you to a road side stall and as you proceed you find the dish much worse that what the stall offers too.
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  •  Rediff -Sukanya Verma Rating-6
Product of a lab experiment gone awry, which leaves him with Professor X’s powers and paraplegia, Kaal runs a research facility. One that churns out mutants at the speed of a palak paneer dosa, who assist the pale dude in creating both, viruses and antidotes, so enterprisingly,
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  •  DNA -Sarita Tanvar Rating-7
Krrish 3 continues the story of Rohit Mehra (Hrithik Roshan) and his superhero son Krishna orKrrish (Hrithik Roshan), after Koi... Mil Gaya and Krrish. When Krishna is not saving lives, he is trying to hold down a job. He lives with his wife Priya (Priyanka Chopra) and father Rohit in Mumbai.
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  •  Bollywood Life -Prathamesh Jadhav Rating-6
The superhero entertains by wielding his magical powers coupled with the commendable visual effects. Krrish 3 is a brave film made strictly to woo kids and hardcore Hrithik Roshan fans. Unfortunately, discerning filmgoers will be left disappointed with Rakesh Roshan’s heroic attempt that delights

  •  Zee News -Aparna Mudi Rating-6
If you were to study the comic book history, you would realise that superheroes are the born out of dire straits. The birth of the first superheroes came out of world economy sinking in the 1930s and the World War II. They formed a sort of escapist form of entertainment from the depressing times

  •  India Today -Faheem Ruhani Rating-6
If Krrish 3 was director Rakesh Roshan's attempt to prove to the world that India is not inferior to Hollywood when it comes to presenting an on-screen spectacle then let's say he succeeds to some extent. In the laborious process he forgets to come up with a story that is not half as gripping

  •  India Today -Saurabh Dwivedi Rating-7
The oft spoken dialogue from the movie goes like this "Krrish ek soch ka naam hai". Well, the brain behind this movie is Rakesh Roshan while the body is actor Hrithik Roshan's. This is the third in movie in the Krrish franchise, and this movie just might light up the box office this Diwali and rid the

  •  India Today -Vinayak Chakravorthy Rating-6
Imagine Superman fighting it out with a bunch of evil X-Men. Krrish 3, letting the logic of numbers go for a toss in its title (we never had a film called Krrish 2), cocktails the formulae of two Hollywood franchises that never seem to fail

  •  Mumbai Mirror -Karan Anshuman Rating-5
Mr Jadoo has wreaked havoc. Not only did he shower upon Rohit Mehra tens of IQ points, thanks to Dr Arya's meddling, he's directly responsible for an army of clones, mutants (manvars!), and other such characters from the X-Men universe hell bent on world domination.

  •  Mid-Day -Shubha Shetty Saha Rating-4
There is a scene in Krrish 3 where a woman with an infant in her arms rushes to claim a prize she wins in a lottery in a mall. Next moment, in some weird twist of fate and her ankle, she ends up toppling over the railing and hanging in air for life. Watching Krrish 3 is just that kind of experience.

  •  Sify -Sonia Chopra Rating-3
Ok, so the third part of the franchise is here. Ever wondered why, as the budgets and stakes of a film franchise increases, the quality steadily deteriorates? Krrish 3 is exactly that. A big-budget, crash-boom-bang fest, with zero heart.
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  •  IBN Live -Rajeev Masand Rating-6
From the moment we're first re-introduced to our masked superhero in 'Krrish 3', saving a airplane from an imminent crash in a scene reminiscent of Bryan Singer's 'Superman Returns', it becomes clear that filmmaker Rakesh Roshan is challenging us to a game of 'Name The Original'
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  •  Glamsham -Martin D'Souza Rating-8
KRRISH 3 is in line for a minimum of three awards in the coming year. The third has competition. Best Actor Hrithik Roshan (Krishna), Best Actor in a Supporting Role Hrithik Roshan (Dr Rohit) and Best Villain Vivek Oberoi. But Oberoi has competition in the form of Ronit Roy who stole the thunder
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  •  Hindustan Times -Anupama Chopra Rating-7
Spare a thought for the Indian superhero. Unlike his Western counterparts – Batman, Superman, Iron Man –our guy can’t be dark or brooding. There is no room in his narrative for irony or angst. Not only does he have to save the world, he also has to sing and dance.
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  •  Daily Bhaskar - Rating-7
You can’t watch Krrish 3 without whopping expectations. Mega curiosity, national hysteria and super hit prequels made it one of the most popular films of the year. And Krrish 3 doesn’t disappoint you either. It’s a fast paced, smartly engineered, strong on emotional depth and has action
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  •  Deccan Chronicle -Suparna Sharma Rating-6
Every year, especially around Diwali, we all rush off like impatient junkies to watch yet another version of that classic dance-drama involving Ram and Ravan — Ramayan. Robot/Enthiran, Ra.One, Krrish 3, and many more in between. It’s sweet that we draw comfort from the familiar.
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  •  Book My Show -Siddhi Palande Rating-4
With a stellar star cast one would have thought Krrish 3 would be a complete entertainer; however, it turns out to be a sheer disappointment. The film has more emotional appeal while the Superhero–ish feeling churns out only towards the climax. It is the second-half that’s attention-grabbing
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  •  Indiaglitz -Vishal Verma Rating-6
The third installment of Krrish does sets the bar on India's ability to pull a sci fi super hero on its soil and technically it lives up to its expectations but this desi superhuman circus favours more to the comic -con nerds and less to the non sci fi and others.
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