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Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan, Vir Das, Ram Kapoor, Gautami Kapoor, Ila Arun, Hariharan


Shaadi Ke Side Effects PosterSaket Chaudhary


Saket Chaudhary, Zeenat Lakhani


Saket Chaudhary, Zeenat Lakhani, Arshad Sayed


Arshad Sayed


Manoj Lobo, Rishi Punjabi


Pritam Chakraborty, Mikey McCleary

produced by:

Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor, Pritish Nandy


weird aggregate rating 5.6/10Hindi


Comedy, Romance

release date:

run time:
145 minutes


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  •  Times of India -Madhureeta Mukherjee Rating-7
He says it. She disagrees. He reacts. She overacts. He makes mistakes, he says sorry. She makes mistakes, 'he' says sorry. So there! Even geniuses like Socrates and Einstein couldn't crack a fool-proof plan to a 'happy marriage'. Even novel cosmic concepts like Men are from Mars

  •  Bollywood Hungama -Taran Adarsh Rating-7
After attempting the charming and likeable PYAAR KE SIDE/EFFECTS [2006], which redefined love and romance between a young couple, director Saket Chaudhary attempts to focus on the relationship between a married couple in his new outing SHAADI KE SIDE/EFFECTS.
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  •  Gulf News -Manjusha Radhakrishnan Rating-7
The credit has to be given to Vidya Balan, who plays Trisha, and Farhan Akhtar who plays the earnest Sid to perfection. They are in love and like any high-flying couple out there, the two know how to have fun in each other’s company. They love dancing and the two are shown soaking
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  •  Rediff -Prasanna D Zore Rating-6
Siddharth Roy and Trisha Mallik, total strangers, meet at a noisy discotheque. A minor squabble reveals that both are married to each other and are just trying to escape from their mundane lives with role-playing over some wine and jarring music.
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  •  NDTV -Saibal Chatterjee Rating-5
A man hits on a lonesome woman at a nightclub. The conversation reveals that both are married.My workaholic husband has no time for me, the lady laments. My wife is busy watching television serials, retorts the guy. The two head to a hotel room for a one-night stand.
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  •  Indian Express -Shubhra Gupta Rating-5
What’s the next step, after ‘pyaar’? ‘Shaadi’, of course. The side effects of which, experienced warriors of holy matrimony know, can be serious: the lovers who couldn’t keep their hands off each other now find themselves grappling with more flesh they had bargained for
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  •  Koimoi -Mohar Basu Rating-6
I could feel my heartbeat dropping to below normal levels when I saw the opening scene of the film. Ripped off straight from Four Christmases, the scene nearly got me judgmental. Until Saket Chaudhary convinced us of why his Pyaar Ke Side Effects became so impossible to dismiss
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  •  Daily Bhaskar - Rating-7
There was a famous dialogue in Pyar Ka Punchnama (2011), “Hindi films me ladka ladki mile aur film khatum, uske baad ki kahani koi nai batata (In Hindi films, story ends when girl and boy meet. Nobody tells what happens after that).” After this the protagonist goes on to tell the problems
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  •  India Today -Rohit Khilnani Rating-6
In 2006, first-time director, Saket Chaudhary impressed everyone with his film Pyaar Ke Side Effects which had an unusual casting-Rahul Bose opposite the then erstwhile sex symbol Mallika Sherawat. It was a romantic comedy exploring modern relationships.
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  •  Now Running -Mansha Rastogi Rating-5
The battle of sexes is not new to Hindi films. Men are from Mars, women from Venus theory has been dealt with much too many times in movies in the past especially in pretext to relationships with the prominent example being Pritish Nandy Communications' Pyaar Ke Side Effects.
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  •  Book My Show -Teena Elizabeth Rating-6
Shaadi Ke Side Effects brings to life the iconic characters, Sid(dharth) and Trisha. This time as husband and wife. They are a happily-married couple. But their life goes topsy-turvy with the arrival of their baby. Romance takes a back seat. Everything is limited to baby, from her food to her sleep.
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  •  DNA -Sarita Tanwar Rating-6
Shaadi Ke Side Effects is a romcom that begins with a married couple indulging in some role play on a night out. Right off you know, this is the kind of Hindi film that you haven't seen before. It deals with the situations – comical and ironical – that follow once Trisha
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  •  Glamsham -Martin D'Souza Rating-4
Technically sound, grounded performances from the two lead actors, but simply way-too-long, and over-the-top. This sums up SHAADI KE SIDE EFFECTS, a sequel to PYAAR KE SIDE EFFECTS where the principal characters share the same name (Siddharth and Trisha) but are different actors.
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  •  Mumbai Mirror -Rahul Desai Rating-4
The film begins with a couple already in the process of introducing some spice into their marriage. They take their strangers-in-a-nightclub roleplay to the next level (fourth floor, to be precise) in a posh hotel, soon to be interrupted by a weary manager intent on maintaining the sanctity of his country.
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  •  Time Out -Aniruddha Guha Rating-4
Farhan Akhtar is fast becoming the most exciting actor in the Hindi film industry, and a worthy comrade to Ranbir Kapoor (Cast them together, dear filmmakers). After rising above the mediocrity of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag with a finely nuanced performance, Akhtar gets to bite into comedy
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  •  Sify -Sonia Chopra Rating-5
This particular manager of a fancy hotel is livid. He sees two people make-out wildly in the lobby and summons the man for a lecture, telling him the hotel is not a pick-up joint. Things cool down only when the manager understands that the woman was his wife.
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  •  India Today -Saurabh Dwivedi Rating-6
We have this trend, of sorts, in our country. Maybe other places have it too but presently it's pretty rampant here. To curse marriage. This is one job newly-weds gloriously manage, in ample amounts. "Another one bites the dust, he's a goner", you know the sorts of statements.
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  •  Hindustan Times -Anupama Chopra Rating-5
Trisha declares: we are pregnant and it’s all downhill from there. She becomes an overweight, emotional wreck. He retreats into a sort of arrested development, longing for those carefree days when conversations weren’t about the colour of baby poo.
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  •  IBN Live -Rajeev Masand Rating-6
Early on in 'Shaadi Ke Side Effects', Sid (Farhan Akhtar) reveals his secret to avoiding confrontations with his wife Trisha (Vidya Balan): "When I'm in the wrong, I say sorry. When she's in the wrong, I say sorry." Later on in the film, when he senses that his wife has begun leaning
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  •  Yahoo Movies -Rummana Ahmed Rating-6
Saket Chaudhury’s ‘Shaadi Ke Side Effects’ is a classic example of a director approaching a topic that he is quite obviously not convinced about. The narrative is peppered with genuine humour but the plot baffles you with the many theories it throws up and immediately debunks.
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  •  Deccan Chronicle -Suparna Sharma Rating-5
Shaadi Ke Side Effects tells the story of modern, nuclear marriages -- a relationship that’s burdened by gargantuan expectations, that must fulfil every need and outperform even the experts in all rooms – bedroom, kitchen, dining, living and the study. And then there’s the outdoor.
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  •  Mid Day -Shubha Shetty Saha Rating-6
This premise of Shaadi Ke Side Effects had the potential to make for a firecracker of a film, with dollops of humour. And it has a charming set of lead stars to add to the value. But unfortunately, it doesn’t live up to the potential.Siddharth (Farhan Akhtar) weds fun-loving, chatterbox
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  •  India Today -Faheem Ruhani Rating-5
"Jabse hui hai shaadi aansu baaha raha hoon, aafat gale padi hai, usko nibha raha hoon." The song from Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit starrer Thanedaar (1990) could have easily become a dream sequence song for Sid (Farhan Akhtar) in Shaadi Ke Side Effects with a bit change in lyrics.
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  •  Zee News -Aparna Mudi Rating-5
Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan and Saket Chaudhary – this is a combination that is difficult to go wrong with. But somehow, the feeling one gets after watching `Shaadi ke Side Effects` is that even the best combinations can falter.On the positive side, the first half of the movie is refreshing
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  •  Indiaglitz -Vishal Verma Rating-7
Pyaar phir Pariwaar.. right. PNC and Balaji Motion pictures extension to 2006 rom com 'Pyaar Ke Side Effects' written and helmed by the same Saket Chaudhary is a teasy, feel good fam com (family comedy) drawing parallel sentiments with the urban working married couples with 'realistic'
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  •  Business of Cinema -Udita Jhunjhunwala Rating-5
Sid (Farhan Akhtar) and Trisha (Vidya Balan) are married, and they know how to keep the magic alive. It’s all roses and sexy lingerie until the unplanned pregnancy and the resultant change in life, lifestyle and romance. Conversations about travel and food are replaced
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  •  Deccan Herald -Arkadev Goshal Rating-6
The USP of the original was an odd pair. Ditto the second, but not entirely. The people at the helm are same too. Even the characters are supposedly carried forward. And yet, when Pyaar turns to Shaadi, the side effects – the very premise of the original film – somehow get side-tracked.
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  •  Bollywood Life -Prathamesh Jadhav Rating-6
The couple’s adventurous ‘role-play’ gimmicks to keep the fire burning in their romantic equation lead to sequences that are engaging and super funny. Watch the sizzle in their perfect marriage go for a toss when an accidental pregnancy changes the dynamics between the two-from role play
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