When Hari Got Married (2013) Hindi Movie Review | 2 Critic Reviews | Raju Ram, Suman, Hari


Raju Ram, Suman, Hari

When Hari Got Married Posterdirection:

Ritu Sarin, Tenzing Sonam


Ritu Sarin, Tenzing Sonam


Ritu Sarin, Tenzing Sonam


Ritu Sarin, Tenzing Sonam


Tenzing Sonam


Arjun Sen

produced by:

White Crane Films


Not RatedHindi


Documentary, Drama

release date:

30-August-2013(India), 16-March-2013(USA)
run time:
75 minutes


Reviews- (Ratings out of 10)
  •  Bollywood Life -Shweta Parande Rating-8
It’s not surprising then that Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam’s documentary on the wedding of Hari Desh, their local taxi driver in Dharamsala, gathered a lot of curiosity. But what is it that makes When Hari Got Married so appealing to audiences who are not accustomed to watching this format of filmmaking?
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  •  Mid-Day -Shakti Shetty Rating-6
If one chooses to go by the soaps on Indian television, getting married on time is the solution to almost every single problem out there. After all, we are a nation — unlike those in the West — that allots utmost significance to marital domesticity. Live-in might be in but its members are nowhere close
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