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Neenasam Satish, Sruthi Hariharan, Hardika Shetty, Achyuth Kumar, Sanjay, Krishna, Rishab


Lucia PosterPawan Kumar


Pawan Kumar


Pawan Kumar



Siddhartha Nuni


Poornachandra Tejaswi

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Ravi Kashyap




weird aggregate rating 6.2/10Drama, Thriller

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135 minutes


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Editor's Review-
'Lucia' comes from the director of 'Lifu Istene' , who has also been the writer for 'Manasaare' which was a nice movie.

Lucia is a story of an insomniac who takes refuge to 'lucia' pills to get sleep and as a compliment gets dreams too.
Sathish neenasam plays the lead role of nikhil and shruthi hariharan plays the  female lead and they do justice to the characters they portray.
sathish fits the role and he plays it with ease. He had already proved his mettle in his previous movies. 
shruthi is a good find and has all the talent to go big.
Though the film is crowd funded and is on a little budget it never feels cheap.
the way the story is told is gripping and we are interested to know what is happening.
This is a different attempt from the usual love rowdyism stories of kannada.
Pawan kumar has worked with the story and it shows on the screen.
Cinematography adds to the mood of the movie siddharth nuni has done a good job with the camera.
'Lucia' is a nice movie and is worth watching.It is a refreshing change from the usual stale stories and leaves a good taste in our mouth.


Reviews- (Ratings out of 10)
  •  Deccan Herald -BS Srivani Rating-6
Attempting to slot Lucia would lead to more confusion in many — playing mindgames with the audience, drawing them out of their comfort zone and questioning their choices ultimately, Lucia also delivers a powerful blow against today’s disenchanted youth increasingly turning to instant gratification
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  •  Bangalore Mirror -S Shyam Prasad Rating-5
Small people have big dreams and big people simple ones. Likewise, small-budget art house films are high on ideals and ideas, while the multi-million ventures are usually no-brainers, with glitz and glory. Treading a path in between is director Pawan Kumar.
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  •  Indiaglitz - Rating-5
It is a hard knot for audience. In fact audiences are like piano. You have to know what keys to play. Pawan Kumar seems to be following the quotation of British Rock star Ian Hunter 'Punish the audience - they love it'. Applause is a receipt at the cost of audience Bill. One should know how to get receipt.
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  •  Times of India -GS Kumar Rating-6
Full marks to director Pawan Kumar for giving an offbeat movie with an excellent script and firm grip over the narration. But the movie lags, creating confusion and at many times, we do not know what the director wants to say. Though technically it is a brilliant movie
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  •  Book My Show -Neha Pinto Rating-7
Lucia is a queer film and has an artsy quality that somehow strikes a balance between Indian and World cinema. When you walk out of the theater you’ll be left with an urge to watch it once again just to get a better understanding.
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  •  Wogma -Pradeep Menon Rating-7
The story of how Pawan Kumar’s second feature film was made has become a part of cinema lore. Failed attempts at finding a producer led to a scathing blog post from the director, which then led to him exploring crowd-funding. This culminated in the 50-lakh-odd filmLucia, shot on a Canon 5D
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  •  Kya Rai Hai -Gaurav Rai Rating-7
Psychological thrillers that bend your mind with a thin blurred dividing line between dream and reality have always been fascinating stories to shake & shock cinema-lovers across globe. Christopher Nolan’s much acclaimed INCEPTION was the last most-talked venture in the said genre.
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