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Kangana Ranaut, Paras Arora, Mahesh Manjrekar, Prakash Raj, Jaya Pradha, Shruti Bhist, Dipika Amin


Rajjo PosterVishwas Patil


Jayant Pawar, Vishwas Patil


Vishwas Patil


Vishwas Patil, Atul Tiwari, Macchindra More


Binod Pradhan


Uttam Singh

produced by:

U.A. Karande, M.H. Shah




weird aggregate rating 2.5/10Drama

release date:

run time:
135 minutes
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  •  Times of India -Madureeta Mukherjee Rating-5
She's no 'Pretty Woman' walkin' down the street. With trimmed hats, stilettos (higher than her dreams) or with a brazen billionaire to whisk her away into a fairytale of fantasies. She's Rajjo (Kangna), the little girl who lost her childhood in an infamous kotha, in the dingy red-light ilaakas of the city.
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  •  Bollywood Life -Purva Khole Rating-3
Kangna Ranaut’s Rajjo does not belong to a genre that hasn’t been explored before. We have seen various films with similar storylines be it Chandni Bar or Chameli or Kangna’s very ownGangster starring Emraan Hashmi and Shiney Ahuja. So the point is how is the treatment different in this film?
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  •  Koimoi -Mohar Basu Rating-0
For a script, it has a rather simple plot. A puppy-adorable looking young boy is smitten by a beautiful star nautch girl. The story follows his struggle to marry her and how they fight the stigma of her social background. There are too many subplots that it is advisable you don’t try to keep a track of them.
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  •  India Today -Suhani Singh Rating-2
One of the best dialogues, of which there are few in this fiasco, in Rajjo comes courtesy Prakash Raj's corrupt politician Manda. As leading lady Rajjo (Kangna Ranaut), dressed in a blouse with a dangerously low neckline, walks with a matka perched on her head, he asks,
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  •  Now Running -Mansha Rastogi Rating-2
There can only be two reasons for Kangana Ranaut to have taken up a film like Rajjo:1 - She was drugged while signing it.2 - The producers were happy to offer her heaps of money that too during her lean phase in which this desperate-for-work-actress took up films like Rascals, Double Dhamaal
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  •  Bollywood Hungama -Taran Adarsh Rating-5
The getting together of numerous talents in a project instinctively raises the expectations from that film. Have a look at the wonderful talent associated with RAJJO: Kangna Ranaut, Prakash Raj, Mahesh Manjrekar, Jaya Pradha, Upendra Limaye, Uttam Singh [music], Binod Pradhan [cinematography]
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  •  Indian Express -Shubra Gupta Rating-2
Callow youth Chandu Godbole (Paras Arora) goes off to a brothel, in the company of equally young pals and a mentor to celebrate the winning of a match. He takes one look at the pretty Rajjo (Kangana Ranaut) in a Nagpada 'kotha', and loses his heart. Young boy from a good, 'izzatdaar' family
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  •  Deccan Chronicle -Khaled Mohamed Rating-2
Bhaag, people, bhaag, far away from this kotha woman. She and every geek, goblin and goblin surrounding her in this travesty may compel you to gnash your teeth, cry out loud and curse yourself for having ventured into this absurd geegaw, that could well qualify for the award of the Worst Film of the Year.
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  •  DNA -Tushar Joshi Rating-2
One of the most unintentionally funny films to come out this year, Rajjo takes the cake for setting the clock of movie making back in time not by minutes and hours, but several years. A story of a nautch girl (Kangana) from Grant Road who falls in love with a teenager (Paras), the film breaks new ground
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  •  Mid Day -Shubha Shetty Saha Rating-2
Smoking can be dangerous to your health, this warning on the screen when Rajjo is being played amuses you. Smoking being hazardous to health should be the least of the concern for the Censor Board in this film.Rajjo, which ironically released a day after Children’s Day, is all about what a parent
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  •  Book My Show -Aubrey D'Souza Rating-1
There are times when you enter a cinema hall and wonder to yourself, how bad can this be? Sometimes, the universe delivers an answer. This movie is one of those. Directed and written by… Vishwas Patil, this is two and a half hours of complete and utter pain. The story is about a nautch-girl
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  •  IBN Live -Rajeev Masand Rating-3
It takes giant reserves of patience to survive a film as bizarre as Rajjo. Watching this movie, you have to wonder what exactly might have tempted an actress of Kangana Ranaut's caliber to commit to it. She plays a prostitute in Mumbai's red-light district, determined to start a new life when she finds love.
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  •  Mumbai Mirror -Karan Anshuman Rating-2
Being marketed as "a film for the classes and masses", Rajjo - to put it bluntly - is neither. Inherently the idea of slotting films as "classy" or "massy" is foolhardy to begin with. What filmmaker wouldn't like their film to be a 'class' apart? And what audience - who pays through their nose for a ticket
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  •  Indiaglitz -Vishal Verma Rating-4
A mind blowing experience really. Rajjo is a bad example of an interestingly intriguing idea going kaput. Vishwas Patil is a versatile personality he is an IAS officer, historian and an award winning author (Panipat) is his most acclaimed work. Probably as an historian and as an author he must
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  •  Sify -Sonia Chopra Rating-2
And this is what is so crucially objectionable about the film. Just a few scenes back, the film had a montage that showed children being kidnapped and sold to brothels. Now, they play fun music with these boys hop-skipping to a brothel as if they’re on their way to a garden picnic. Bizarre!
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  •  One India -Smitha Rating-3
Oh-ho Rajjo!!! Wonder what was director Vishwas Patil thinking! Rajjo, starring Kangna Ranaut and newcomer Paras Arora is depressing, loud and pathetic to say the least! With abusive language and scenes that test your patience, Rajjo is one of the most badly made films in recent times!
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  •  India Today -Faheem Ruhani Rating-3
In the very first song or in this case the mujra in this film you witness that the film's main protagonist Rajjo (Kangana Ranaut) changes five costumes while she is dancing in a kotha. Strangely the costumes of the background dancers remain he same. The producer's way of telling us what a low-budget
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  •  NDTV -Saibal Chatterjee Rating-3
She is addressed as Rajjo Rani. But she isn’t the queen of all she surveys.The reason is out there for all to see: the nautch girl played by a hopelessly miscast Kangana Ranaut is a half-baked and comatose character that does not evoke any audience empathy.
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