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Sunny Deol, Harman Baweja, Ayesha Khanna, Prashant Narayanan, Aditya Pancholi, Anand Tiwari, Rajit Kapoor

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Sanamjit Singh Talwar


Sanamjit Singh Talwar


Sanamjit Singh Talwar



Axel Fischer


Palash Muchhal, Sneha Khanwalkar

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Shilpa Shetty, Sunil Lulla




weird aggregate rating 2.9/10Drama, Action

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119 Minutes


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  •  Bollywood Hungama -Taran Adarsh Rating-3
In 1998, Ramgopal Varma created a clutter-breaking film on Mumbai mafia called SATYA. Post RGV's attempt, which earned a cult following amongst cineastes, a number of film-makers -- including RGV himself -- attempted movies on the sinister world of guns, goons, gangstas and gang wars.

  •  Gulf News -Manjusha Radhakrishnan Rating-3
Harman Baweja, who plays mobster Vicki Kartoos in Dishkiyaoon, is taught early in life that in the business of organised crime, brains and not bullets run the business.I wish the film’s director, Sanamjit Singh Talwar, had taken notes and internalised that instruction while making Dishkiyaoon.

  • -Lokesh Dharmani Rating-2
Dishkiyaoon is a story about a boy called Viki whose mother passes away at a young age (Soooo saddddd!) and his father shoves Gandhian ways down his throat (Preachy papa Hmph!!) which don’t work in school, the bad world of bullies. He has two good friends, Ketan and Jia who help

  •  Times of India -Meena Iyer Rating-3
Viki Kartoos (Harman Baweja) is a scarred child. He has lost his mother early in life and leads a loveless existence. His father, Rajit Kapur, advocates the ways of the Mahatma—asking his son to show his other cheek to some fat school bully who smacks him day in and day out.

  •  Indian Express -Shubhra Gupta Rating-1
When a film is called ‘Dishkiyaoon’, you know that the people involved with it were clueless about what to name it. Two and half hours later (the running time of the film), I’m equally clueless about many things, but mostly this: just why was it made?It has no discernible story that I could see.

  •  NDTV -Saibal Chatterjee Rating-4
A gangster flick with a complement of dark, twisted characters and a plot burdened with an overload of twists, Dishkiyaoon is high on style but low on substance.Guns are whipped out and brandished at regular intervals and the thugs wielding the weapons strut around with loads of attitude.

  •  Rediff -Nishi Tiwari Rating-4
Is chharre ko pistol mein daal, trigger dabaa, kartoos banke niklega aur sabko phod daalega.’This recurring dialogue from Harman Baweja-starrer Dishkiyaoon roughly translates to an underworld veteran claiming that his protégé is destined for greatness in the world of crime.

  •  Koimoi -Mohar Basu Rating-1
Perhaps on paper there was enough material to make the film seem interesting but it is so pretentious when translated on celluloid. The reason is clear. There is no detailing in the film. The characters arrive out of the blue without any backstory. The conversation between Viki and Lakwa

  •  India Today -Suhani Singh Rating-3
It has been five years since we last saw Harman Baweja on the big screen, starring opposite his then rumoured girlfriend Priyanka Chopra in What's Your Rashee? Baweja tries to get fourth time lucky with Dishkiyaoon. He once again falters.Producers Shilpa Shetty and Sunil Lulla show faith

  •  DNA -Tushar Joshi Rating-4
Viki (Harman Baweja) has had a hard childhood. The only child facing bullies in school and having to fend for himself after his mother passes away, he looks to gangster Mota Tony (Prashant Narayanan) for support. Working with him and his team of crooks he lands up in jail only to meet

  •  Mid Day -Shakti Shetty Rating-5
In the recent past, many Bollywood films have been set in North India. In that sense, Dishkiyaaoon is different; it dwells on a Mumbai backdrop. However, like many other films that are a throwback to the ’70s, this one too revolves around the mafia world. Films belonging to such a genre

  •  IBN Live -Prajakta Hebbar Rating-4
There have been many a gangster sagas -- both in Bollywood as well as Hollywood -- some funny, some serious and a chosen few achieving cult status. So where does first-time director Sanamjit Singh Talwar's 'Dishkiyaon' fit in? Erm...we are not sure.

  •  Sify -Sonia Chopra Rating-3
The film's name makes sense. There are plenty of guns in the film you see, and 'dishkiyaoon' is Bollywood for the sound of a bullet. More importantly, the title is relevant in context of the film's protagonist— a gangster— who ironically does not use guns and thinks the mind

  •  Now Running -Mansha Rastogi Rating-3
You know you aren't needed back in the industry when you disappear and aren't remembered by anyone. As rude as this sounds but we wish it could've been made clear to Mr. Harman Baweja who hardly shows any sign of improvement in his comeback film after a long haul -Dishkiyaoon.

  •  Deccan Chronicle -Lakshmi Javeri Rating-1
The film is the story of Viki, who later becomes Viki Kartoos, an educated gangster who also has a normal but strained life with his father, a cameo played by Rajit Kapoor. If the voiceover is anything to go by, then the frequently bullied Viki always dreamed of becoming a gangster.
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