Nan Life Alli (2014) Kannada Movie Review | 3 Critic Reviews | Dilip Raj, Sindhu Lokanath


Dilip Raj, Sindhu Lokanath, Anees Tejeswar, Nikhila Rao, Nanjunda Murthy


Nan Life Alli PosterRamdeep R


Ramdeep R


Ramdeep R


Manojava Galgali


Manohar Joshi


Ajanish Lokesh

produced by:

Nivedita, Venkatesh Babu, Anil Yuvraj, Jaipal



Not Ratedgenre:


release date:

run time:
125 Minutes


Reviews- (Ratings out of 10)
  •  Deccan Herald -BS Srivani Rating-4
Hero Deepu wants to go to Norway twice in the film – first to study and later, to take up a job there. Both times he is foiled by the follies of love – first time it is his brother and the second, himself! Moral of the story: Be careful with love while making plans involving Norway!
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  •  Times of India -GS Kumar Rating-5
Director Ram Deep has made a successful foray into the Kannada film industry. Now he needs to concentrate on scripting and narration style. Greater experience would have helped him maintain better control of the story, its script and narrative.
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  •  One India -Sandesh MS Rating-8
Nann Life Alli is the directorial debut of newbie Ram Deep, who was a software engineer by profession. He has given wonderful narration for the refreshing romantic story with the rich technical aspects.Though there is no portrayal of heroism, violence and other commercial elements,
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