Savaal (2014) Kannada Movie Review | 3 Critic Reviews | Prajwal Devaraj, Sona Nair


Prajwal Devaraj, Sona Nair, Achyuth Kumar, Raju Talikote, Shobaraj, Abhay Rai, M S Umesh, Raj Purohit, Rekha Das, Sadhu Kokila, Tennis Krishna

Savaal Posterdirection:

Dhananjay Balaji


Dhananjay Balaji


Dhananjay Balaji



P K H Doss


V Manohar

produced by:

K Thimmaraju

Not Ratedlanguage:




release date:

run time:
119 minutes

Reviews- (Ratings out of 10)
  •  Times of India -GS Kumar Rating-5
It's just another romantic story with no freshness in story or narration. The hero takes up a Saval (challenge) to fight a rowdy and does it with ease. There's a girl who's witness to the ill-deeds of the rowdy. Who is that girl?Director Dhananjay Balaji has chosen a good story,

  •  Bangalore Mirror -S Shyam Prasad Rating-3
You would expect a reasonably established lead actor to have some responsibility towards the audience when he picks a film. Prajwal Devraj, it seems, just wanted another film to his name. Savaal, packed with cliches, repetitive dialogues and a shoddy screenplay,

  •  Deccan Herald -BS Srivani Rating-4
Gone are the days when film makers could get away, taking many cinematic liberties as the audience was largely tolerant in pursuit of entertainment and intellectual stimulation. Past few years have made them tread cautiously after being hit with writs every now and then particularly

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