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Sandeep A. Varma


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weird aggregate rating 6.1/10Drama

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  •  Bollywood Hungama -Taran Adarsh Rating-7
Manjunath was 27 when he was assassinated in 2005. The director creates a vivid portrait of a young man who was an obedient son, a thoughtful friend and an honest worker in this biopic called MANJUNATH. Working for the Indian Oil Corporation, Manjunath was a whistleblower,

  •  Indian Express -Shubhra Gupta Rating-5
The murder of Shanmugham Manjunath in 2005 was, and continues to be, a blot on the nation. He was a whistleblower, just the way Satyendra Dubey was. Dubey threatened to expose the contract road mafia, and was killed. Manjunath was shot dead after he went after the gangs which

  •  Koimoi -Mohar Basu Rating-5
Probably it was expectation too hefty to assume that a semi biopic will turn out smooth without hitches. To lucidly focus on the story’s theme is sometimes a challenge and in this case the filmmaker deviates and diverts more than required. The story’s power resides in its resilience

  •  IBN Live -Rajeev Masand Rating-6
The 2005 murder of Manjunath Shanmugam, the 27-year-old Indian Oil employee who'd been threatening to bust the fuel adulteration racket in Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh, makes for an earnest and compelling film in the hands of first-time director Sandeep Varma.

  •  Times of India -Renuka Vyavahare Rating-6
One of the least promoted films of the week, Manjunath pleasantly surprises you with its thought-provoking, hard-hitting content and earnest execution. An ode to braveheart Manjunath, an IIM Lucknow graduate, the movie intends to carry forward the late whistle-blower's battle against the system.

  •  India Today -Saurabh Dwivedi Rating-7
Majnunath works for an oil company. After he took action against a mafia gang for diluting petrol, what he got in return were six bullets straight in the chest. This is a case from 2005.This is the incident the film is based on. Majnunath was a student of IIM Lucknow.
  •  Now Running -Noyon Jyoti Parasara Rating-7
The fear of being silenced more often than not forces most of us to keep mum about surroundings that are not quite ideal. Manjunath Shanmugam was different. An IIM alumnus, Manjunath had decided to fight what was wrong and in process lost his life. That was in 2005. Back then it created a stir.
  •  Mid Day -Shubha Shetty Saha Rating-7
The inspiring but terribly tragic story of Shanmugham Manjunath, who was shot dead in 2005, by the oil mafia in Bihar is now being replayed in theatres near you. Manjunath was eliminated as he had stumbled upon a huge adulterated diesel scam and no amount of bribing could

  •  DNA -Tushar Joshi Rating-5
Based on the true story of Shanmugham Manjunath, the film attempts to throw light on the reasons leading to his death and how his attempt to
expose the corrupt business of selling adulterated diesel cost him his
life.There are episodes that tell us why he grew up to be

  •  Glamsham -Martin D'Souza Rating-8
So who was Manjunath? Frankly, I had never heard of the guy like so many others. But what Sandeep Varma has done on screen has to be lauded. He has brought alive the integrity of an employee who knew no other thing other than doing what he thought was right, the right way
  •  Sify -Sonia Chopra Rating-7
It's unnerving when Manjunath (Sasho Satish Sarathy) walks up to us, at the start, and asks us to decide what he did was great or stupid. The film is based on a real story on the Manjunath case of 2005, where a 27-year old petroleum company officer was killed due to his uncovering

  •  India Today -Suhani Singh Rating-5
Manjunath's tagline is Idiot Tha Saala. The idiocy the filmmakers are talking about is the eponymous hero's devotion to honesty and justice. It's what makes Manjunath stand out from the crowd; it's what ultimately destroys him.In 2005, Manjunath, a 27-year-old sales officer with an oil company,

  •  Book My Show -Aubrey D'Souza Rating-6
Manjunath is a true story. This film tackles the issue of whistle-blowing and the hurdles faced by those who stand up to the thugs. Manjunath is about Manjunath Shanmugam, an IIM-graduate who was just doing his job. He refused to be bribed and didn’t bow down to threats.
  •  Daily Bhaskar Rating-5
Manjunath tells the nail-biting tale of the death of IOC marketing manager who was murdered for sealing a corrupt petrol station in Lakhimpur Kheri.It revolves around the real incident – the Manjunath death case of 2005. It is the story of the ruthless murder of a 27 year old which unveils
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Ratings Breakdown-
Rating scale - Out of 10
weird aggregate rating(WAR) - 6.1/10 (14 reviews)
Male critics  - 6.4 (8)
Female critics - 5.8 (6)
Highest Rating - 8 (1)
Least Rating - 5 (5)
Most Given Rating - 5 (5) & 7 (5)

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Manjunath (2014)
6.1 out of 10
based on
14 reviews.