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Loha Singh, Ritu maheshwari

Katiyabaaz (2014) Posterdirection:

Fahad Mustafa , Deepti Kakkar


Fahad Mustafa


Fahad Mustafa




produced by:

Globalistan Films




Weird Aggregate Rating 7.3/10Documentary, Drama

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run time:
84 Minutes
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  •  Times of India -Renuka Vyavahare Rating-7
When circumstances push you way past your breaking point, can disobeying the law be justified? This conflict lies at the heart of this riveting docu-drama based on real events in Kanpur. Though it predominantly deals with something as serious as 'electricity theft', it never ceases to be a humane

  •  Rediff -Sonil Dedhia Rating-8
Power cuts aren't really new for Indians but the middle class tolerates them with characteristic resilience as just another inconvenience, like traffic jams, water shortage or unhygienic living conditions.However, the public is finally catching up, thanks to the revived media attention

  •  Indian Express -Shubhra Gupta Rating-6
The first time we see Loha Singh, he is hanging precariously from an electric pole, hidden behind a tangle of wires. He is doing what he does best : deftly slipping a ‘katiya’ over an electric transmission cable. The voice-over introduction tells us what a ‘katiya’ is : a ‘cut’, manually made,

  •  DNA -Tushar Joshi Rating-7
Katiya is the nickname of a rouge wire that is used to freeload electricity off someone else. 'Katiyabaaz' is the chap who makes his living by  smuggling power off a transformer for those in need. Set in the power deficit Kanpur, this docu-drama is a stark eye opener for those cut off from

  •  India Today -Saurabh Dwivedi Rating-8
The film is technically a documentary but equally balanced to be called a film. Power cuts is not a new issue for Indians. In this film, it is especially an ugly truth about Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh where people suffer due to lack of electricity and unpaid bills of a million rupees.

  •  NDTV -Saibal Chatterjee Rating-7
Until Katiyabaaz begins to unfold and draw the spectator willy-nilly into the dark urban hell-hole that it probes, one cannot but be a tad sceptical about the film’s potential. How on earth, one wonders, can a subject as dry as Kanpur’s perennial power woes sustain an entire feature

  •  Glamsham -Martin D'Souza Rating-8
There is something very real about KATIYABAAZ, yet it is almost surreal. The cinematography is breathtaking in the sense that it knocks you off with its 'real life' filming minus the gloss of movie-making. You almost want to feel the dust and grime of the canvass that is being painted on screen.

  •  Mumbai Mirror -Rahul Desai Rating-8
Katiyabaaz is the term used to describe a power-thief the "expert" responsible for stealing electricity through illegal wire-fittings (katiya). But in Kanpur, where this systematic exposition of a creaky organisation (KESCO) and its vicious circle of sufferers takes place, Katiyabaaz is a

  •  Deccan Chronicle -Suparna Sharma Rating-8
Katiya is the name Kanpur has given to the short wire that’s hooked on to the main, sarkari bijli ki taar to steal electricity. And katiyabaaz is the name the residents of Kanpur have given to electric artists who, for a price, turn up with a ladder and a plier to breathe life back into their homes,

  •  Koimoi -Mohar Basu Rating-7
The film invests a considerable amount of time on Ritu Maheshwari, the bureaucrat put incharge of Kanpur Electricity Supply who battles volatile politicians and attempt at changing her department with able mentoring but the illegal katiya system is so ingrained in the fabric of

  •  Mid Day -Shubha Shetty Saha Rating-8
Loha Singh, the protagonist, has a personality as solid as his name. His job is to go around stealing electricity from transformers in the areas of Kanpur and provide free connection to anybody who offers him his price. Loha has no remorse and defies his stand with a logic that you are

  •  Book My Show -Aubrey D'Souza Rating-6
Documentaries are tough to judge. Do you feel for a subject that has been in the public eye? Or do you get attached to an obscure topic? What are the factors which make a documentary a hit? Does a documentary need to be a hit? I think that a documentary does its best when it

  •  ABP News -Mayank Shekhar Rating-8
By now we’ve seen enough realistic films set in eastern badlands, commonly called the cow belt of India. Many of these movies have been made by some of Bombay’s finest filmmakers: Vishal Bharadwaj, Prakash Jha, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Anurag Kashyap (who’s also a part presenter of this picture)

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Female critics - 7.2 (5)
Highest Rating - 8 (7)
Least Rating - 6 (2)
Most Given Rating - 8 (7)

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