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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014) Hollywood Movie PosterFrank Miller, Robert Rodriguez


Frank Miller (Based on 'Sin City')


Frank Miller



Robert Rodriguez


Robert Rodriguez, Carl Thiel

produced by:

Robert Rodriguez, Sergei Bespalov, Aaron Kaufman, Stephen L'Heureux, Mark C. Manuel, Alexander Rodnyansky


weird aggregate rating Sin City: A Dame To Kill For 6.0/10English


Action, Crime, Thriller

release date:

5-September-2014 (India)
run time:
102 Minutes


Reviews- (Ratings out of 10)
  •  Times of India -Reagan Gavin Rasquinha Rating-7
Almost a decade has passed since the first Sin City but without missing a beat, ADTKF presents the same palette of light and shade, this time with a deeper darkness. The monologues mouthed through clenched teeth by tough men in a gravelly drawl, the deliberately cliched lines

  •  Book My Show -Aubrey D'Souza Rating-6
Frank Miller has given the world some of the most-iconic comics and images. We have the Dark Knight, the brave 300 and the wonderfully-sinful world of Sin City. This is a collection of noir stories told in the grittiest way possible. Now, we have the latest installment in this cinematic opera

  •  Indian Express -Shalini Langer Rating-4
Ignore the graphic gore and violence sheathed in style, and Sin City is a very conservative story — about privileged people who are bad, and the unprivileged ones who are good; about beautiful ugly women, and ugly beautiful men; about a shiny city hiding its sins in glamour,

  •  Deccan Chronicle -Rohini Nair Rating-6
If you’re heading for the latest superhero film, be it Captain America, or a version of Spiderman, the X-Men, Avengers etc, your viewing experience won’t be affected to any great degree by whether or not you follow the comic books. The mythology of these heroes, their back-stories,

  •  DNA -Bryan Durham Rating-6
A man faces betrayal in love, a bar dancer goes a little crazy in her pursuit of revenge, a lucky kid goes up against a power-hungry poker-lovin' sore loser Senator. And a giant hulk of a drifter picks his fights. Just another day in Sin City.A singular vision of beauty - Eva Green!

  •  Hindustan Times -Soumya Srivastava Rating-7
One of the most-awaited sequels (after The Incredibles, of course), this one took nine years to come along. And to put it in one of Josh Brolin’s dialogues from the movie, “She is worth the wait”. Replete with all the trademark Frank Miller-esque gruesome graphics and ‘badass’ characters,

  •  India Today -Vinayak Chakravorty Rating-6
It's sleek, it's stylish, it's sadistic. Just as the first one was. It retains the hallmark seductive impact, too. But Sin City: A Dame To Kill For fires a blank on substance. The film simply makes no effort to take forward a cinematic idiom that wowed all the first time around in 2005.

  •  Now Running -Piyush Chopra Rating-6
It is a strange, strange world that we live in. And things get stranger still in the world of Sin City. Every single person is a gun-toting, foul-mouthed, scary-looking, ill-intentioned thug with an ulterior motive. Men fall in love with shady women faster than fish die without water.

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