Two Night Stand (2014) English Movie Review | 6 Critic Reviews | Miles Teller, Analeigh Tipton, Jessica Szohr


Miles Teller, Analeigh Tipton, Jessica Szohr, Leven Rambin, Scott Mescudi


Two Night Stand (2014) Hollywood Movie PosterMax Nichols


Mark Hammer


Mark Hammer



Bobby Bukowski


Matthew de Luca, Neil de Luca

produced by:

Beau Flynn, Ruben Fleischer, Sam Englebardt



Weird Aggregate Rating Two Night Stand 4.0/10genre:

Comedy, Romance

release date:

26-September-2014 (India)
run time:
86 minutes

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Reviews- (Ratings out of 10)
  •  Times of India -Reagan Gavin Rasquinha Rating-7
Megan has been unlucky in love, and is newly single. Her roommate Faiza (Szohr) gets busy with her boyfriend one weekend with an extended lovemaking session and Megan has no option but to allow them their privacy. She decides that she'd fancy a bit of some no-strings-attached fun.

  •  Indian Express -Shalini Langer Rating-3
If this was actually a film about a girl and a boy — make that a young woman and a young man — talking about how to pleasure one another and busting some myths in the process, please be our guest. If this was actually a film about casual sex and two-night stands, please go ahead.

  •  CNN IBN -Rajeev Masand Rating-4
Some movies are perfectly watchable, just not compelling enough to make a trip to the cinema for. "Two Night Stand" is one of those films. It's your standard rom-com, featuring pleasant enough actors and a premise that sounds promising. But an hour into the film when nothing

  •  Deccan Chronicle -Lakshmi Javeri Rating-4
What is the one thing people dread the most about a one-night stand? The one thing that threatens to negate the entire exercise? A prolonged morning after! Hollywood has made so many films based on the whole one-nighter turned romance that it could easily become a sub-genre unto itself.

  •  Film Companion -Anupama Chopra Rating-3
Two lonely twenty-something New Yorkers hook-up for a one-night stand. The morning after is nasty.  She storms out of his apartment, only to discover that they are snowed in by the worst blizzard in decades. They are trapped in the tiny apartment with no food, a clogged up toilet

  •  Book My Show -Saumya Sharma Rating-3
Picture this: it’s the Holidays, Christmas is ’round the corner, there’s snowfall, and everyone around you is falling in love. In reality, there’s no such thing happening. And when you watch a dry film such as Two Night Stand, your anti-faith in love crystallizes. The film, that promised greatness

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