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Vijay, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Tota Roy Chowdhury, Elisabeth Carpenter, Baby Yuvina, Panchu Subbu, Rupesh Gupta, Sayaji Shinde, Satish

Kaththi (2014) Tamil Movie Posterdirection:

AR Murugadoss


AR Murugadoss


AR Murugadoss


AR Murugadoss


George C Williams


Anirudh Ravichander

produced by:

A Subashkaran, K Karunamoorthy


Weird Aggregate Rating Kaththi 6.2/10Tamil


Action, Thriller

release date:

run time:
166 minutes
censor certification:


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  •  Rediff -S Saraswathi Rating-6
Amidst much controversy, allegations and political drama, Vijay’s Kaththi made it to the theatres, as scheduled, this Diwali. Much to the relief of his fans, all matters were resolved in time and within minutes tickets were sold out in several theatres across Chennai. A R Murugadoss

  •  Times Of India -M Suganth Rating-6
Kaththi opens with Kathiresan aka Kaththi being chased by prison guards and it is later revealed that he is in fact helping the cops track down an escaped convict. But Kaththi manages to give the slip to the police and comes to Chennai with the intention of flying to Bangkok with the help of his friend

  •  Book My Show -Raisa Nasreen Rating-6
Fans of Vijay can definitely rejoice, as A.R.Murgadoss’s Kaththi has brought out the actor and hero quality from the film star. If their earlier film Thuppakki was a well-fleshed out thriller that spoke about the Indian Army, Kaththi is an action-drama that sends a hard-hitting social message.

  •  Koimoi Rating-5
The first initial 45 minutes of the film faded with boredom and annoyed as you couldn’t find any interesting part, neither can you point any interlinking among the two people who swipe their characters for their own reasons. The plot is unclear. It makes you wait for the loo break to grab some free air of it.

  •  Bangalore Mirror -RS Prakash Rating-6
In Vijay's Diwali offering, ace film-maker Murugadoss has once again taken a socially relevant theme: the exploitation of natural resources by multi-national companies and the subsequent suffering of rural folks. Like most of his films, the protagonist plays the crusader, taking on the big guns

  •  Manorama -Arathi Kannan Rating-6
Timed perfectly to lead the season’s box office firecrackers from the front, 'Kaththi' slashes its way through, and if it didn’t look as sharp in the first half, the second half makes up for it, well sort of. 'Kaththi' is paced rather fast, especially in the beginning; within an hour, the preliminaries

  •  Filmi Beat -Bharat Bhat Rating-6
It takes one man's will to change the course of history forever. When the chips are down, even the faintest hope can make a legend out of a common man. It does not matter if you are fighting a goon or a big corporation. Kaththi is the story of one such man, who reinvents himself to unite

  •  The Hindu -Baradwaj Rangan
Had Kaththi been a film with loftier ambitions, we might say it begins in medias res – but it does begin with a bang. A prison. An escape. A freeze frame. Then, a flashback, which contains one of those procedural depictions AR Murugadoss is so fond of. (If nothing else, it must be said that

  •  Bollywood Life -Latha Srinivasan Rating-7
For those who love Vijay, Kaththi is a treat because it features the actor in two roles – Kathiresan and Jeevanandham. Vijay features in two roles – as social activist Jeevanandham and petty thief Kathiresan. The roles are opposite in character – Jeevanandham only thinks of society

  •  Indiaglitz Rating-6
The fans would automatically expect too much if a successful pair joins hands once again, and in the case of Vijay – A.R. Murugugadoss it has gone a step ahead. When A.R.M mentioned that Kaththi will be better than Thuppakki, many questioned it, and started to think what would

  •  Piping Hot Views
It is ‘Actor’ Vijay who is at the forefront in the first half of Kaththi. Be it the subdued performance or his eye-flicking, village-grown character, the actor in him is truly back. His emotional performances take one back to his Thullatha Manamum thullum days – we do wish he chooses

  •  Sify
Straight of the sheath, Kaththi is sharp most of the time, but not always. AR Murgadoss has come out with a film which has a neat social message, packaged well with mass entertainment elements. Vijay carries the film in a tricky dual role, which brings out the star in him whether doing comedy

  •  Behind Woods Rating-6
After tasting massive Diwali success in 2012, Vijay and A.R.Murugadoss are back with their second outing together, Kaththi. The film features Vijay in two contrasting but physically 'identical' dual roles, Kathiresan and Jeevanantham. While Kathir is a crook who is on the run and one with

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