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Vishal, Shruti Haasan, Sathyaraj, Raadhika Sarathkumar, Mukesh Tiwari, V Jayaprakash, Soundarajan

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Yuvan Shankar Raja

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Tamil, Telugu ('Pooja')

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159 minutes
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  •  Times Of India -M Suganth Rating-6
Hari's films hew to a certain formula. The hero will be a daring, rustic-looking young man with brawns and brains, his family will be so huge that it will include most of the supporting actors in Tamil cinema, the heroine will be a girl who switches from modern clothes to traditional ones during

  •  The Hindu -Sudhir Srinivasan
Anybody who has watched at least two of all the Tamil films directed by Hari knows that they are usually a hodgepodge of racy scenes written with the primary aim of providing unfussy entertainment. Poojai comes as no shocker; in fact, quite the opposite. Even a math professor

  •  Piping Hot Views
While Hari’s films always do have huge families, it sort of goes overboard in this film with so many characters who do not have anything to do with the plot.All of Soori’s sequences are hilarious & delighted the audience, but the placement of his sequences with Imman & Pandi in the second half

  •  Filmi Beat -Bharat Bhat Rating-5
After Singam-2, Hari is back with a commercial recipe with fleeting screenplay, smashing fight sequences, family sentiments, glamour as ingredients with a small pinch of comedy in Poojai. Vasu (Vishal) a multi millionaire turns into a money lender in market due to his situations.

  •  Book My Show -Raisa Nasreen Rating-5
Vishal’s Poojai can be termed as the quintessential Hari film. With racy cuts, sentimental family-drama and dramatic twists, Poojai is a fast paced action movie that’ll engage you completely. In spite of its fairly predictable plot, the film keep you hooked.If you are an avid fan of commercial cinema

  •  Bangalore Mirror -RS Prakash Rating-6
All the movies of director Hari, beginning with Thamizh which featured Prasanth and Simran in the lead roles, have been action packed, coupled with family sentiments and the latest one, with Vishal in the lead, is no exception. All the formulaic features that usually form part of a Hari film
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  •  Indiaglitz Rating-5
From inception till release, 'Poojai' has been a meticulously planned project that met deadlines bang on time to burst into a 3-hour bout of entertainment for Diwali, as promised. This project of Hari's after the sensational sequel, 'Singam 2' is a masala story packed with action, with Vishal aptly

  •  Behind Woods Rating-4
Loud and fierce men, flying SUVs and shimmering billhooks are a package that comes with all the movies of Hari and he himself has always been confirming that this is indeed his style.  Poojai has it all and this time Vishal, after experimenting a tad with his performances in his last

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