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Anegan Review

Dhanush, Amyra Dastur, Karthik, Aishwarya Devan, Ashish Vidyarthi, Atul Kulkarni, Mukesh Tiwari, Thalaivasal Vijay, Vinaya Prasad‌, Jagan Purushottam
Anegan (2015) Tamil Movie Posterdirection:
KV Anand
KV Anand, AN Balakrishnan, D Suresh
KV Anand, AN Balakrishnan, D Suresh, Subha
Om Prakash
Harris Jayaraj
produced by:
Kalpathi S Aghoram, Kalpathi S Ganesh, Kalpathi S Suresh
Action, Drama, Romance, Thriller
run time:
159 minutes
censor certification:

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Anegan Tamil Movie Review

Critic Reviews- (Ratings out of 10)

  •  Times Of India | Review By -M Suganth Rating-8
When Anegan opens, we are told that the year is 1962 and the setting Burma. Murugappan, a Tamil labourer, saves Samudra, the daughter of a rich Burmese general, at a local fair. She falls madly in love with him but her father is totally against it. But the Burmese coup d'etat takes place

  •  Rediff | Review By -S Saraswathi Rating-5
Three years after the debacle of Suriya starrer Maattrraan, cinematographer-turned-filmmaker K V Anand is back with a fantasy romantic thriller titled Anegan. The film tells the story of two lovers, who, despite numerous lifetimes, are destined to separate. In every birth they

  •  Hindustan Times | Review By -Gautaman Bhaskaran Rating-4
Anegan is a mishmash of many films that one has seen over the years, the performances are passé. Yes, a new look Karthik may be a novelty, but Dhanush appears to be disinterested in changing his style or his roles. And with an unimpressive screen presence, it is always

  •  Malayala Manorama | Review By -Arathi Kannan Rating-5
Now get a handle on it, this movie doesn't think you should be allowed any time to think anything through; it makes sure that while Dhanush (he has at least four regular names, including a Burmese one that has a fixation with nasal sounds) is hopping and jumping through

  •  Book My Show | Review By -Raisa Nasreen Rating-7
Despite the long-drawn out climax and a few logical loopholes, Anegan really doesn’t lose its momentum, throwing in enough action that’ll keep you hooked till the end. If you’re looking for a perfectly enjoyable time at the movies, then Anegan might just be your safe bet.

  •  Deccan Chronicle | Review By -Anupama Subramanian Rating-5
There are a lot of inexplicable, supernatural elements in the movie. The director does an excellent job in explicating the maximum out of such a setting.  The narrative without any confusion despite back and forth with twists and turns moves the film at a brisk pace. A lot of this

  •  CNN IBN | Review By -Karthik Keramalu Rating-7
Meanwhile like a grilled mushroom and chicken cheese sandwich the movie has too many ideas stuffed into one narrative. Dhanush and Amyra are loving and dying, a birth with a similar fate again and again, until the runtime ends and the makers believe that they have to finish the film

  •  Filmi Beat | Review By -Avinash Gopinath Rating-6
Anegan  is definitely a brave attempt by KV Anand. The film has stunning visuals and extraordinary performances. On the flip side, logical loopholes and average screenplay prevents this movie from being a sensational one. Dhanush once again excels in all his roles. As expected

  •  Behind Woods | Review By -BW Review Board Rating-5
“Nee padicha books, paatha cinema, yaaro solli ketta information, yellaam serndhu un moolaila kolambi karpana kadhayaa veliya varudhu.” Dhanush's dialogue that is revealed in the trailer sums up the entire concept of Anegan. The story revolves around Madhu, a game artist

  •  The Hindu | Review By -Sudhir Srinivasan
Anegan, on the whole, is a complex story told simplistically. Had the complexity been retained, and had the masala spoon been of a lesser size, it would have made for a great film. The dialogues seem generally well thought-out. For now though, it will have to satisfy itself with being a hit film.

  •  Indiaglitz | Rating-5
Although not a masala perse, 'Anegan' savours all tastes. There is action, a little bit of revenge, lighthearted comedy, smothering love, all served with a twist from the usual. Film by KV Anand, so rest assured for the visuals, as they are undoubtedly world class.  Credit goes to Om Prakash

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