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Badlapur Review

Varun Dhawan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Huma Qureshi, Yami Gautam, Divya Dutta, Radhika Apte, Vinay Pathak
Badlapur (2015) Hindi Movie PosterSriram Raghavan
Sriram Raghavan, Arijit Biswas
Shridhar Raghavan
Anil Mehta
produced by:
Dinesh Vijan
Drama, Crime, Thriller
run time:
135 minutes
censor certification:

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Badlapur Hindi Movie Review

Critic Reviews- (Ratings out of 10)

  •  Times Of India | Review By -Mohar Basu Rating-8
Badlapur is a gobsmacking movie that suffuses on screen - a deftly written story, spectacular performances and an intelligently layered screenplay. What works best here is the film's unpredictability. From the minute it begins, you're latched to your seat with your heart throbbing

  •  CNN IBN | Review By -Rajeev Masand Rating-7
The sheer thrill of watching a film and not knowing what will happen next is one of the great pleasures offered by director Sriram Raghavan's unpredictable and deliciously twisted revenge thriller 'Badlapur'. The film stages a chilling battle of wits between hero and villain, but nothing here is plain black or white.

  •  NDTV | Review By -Saibal Chatterjee Rating-6
Badlapur has a strong supporting cast, with Huma Qureshi and Radhika Apte getting enough footage to make the best of a bad deal. In conclusion, Badlapur might not be in the Ek Hasina Thi and Johnny Gaddar league, but it is a happy sign that Sriram Raghavan has left Agent Vinod behind.

  •  Rediff | Review By -Raja Sen Rating-8
Badlapur is all fury and fog, a revenge saga that plays out with such eyebrow-singeing intensity that I could imagine a gravel-voiced narrator filling us in on dames and dreams and dark, stormy nights. The absence of this all-knowing narrator -- or one, at least, made wiser by hindsight

  •  Indian Express | Review By -Shubhra Gupta Rating-5
‘Badlapur’ takes a stab at an underlying theme which runs parallel to the revenge motif: can forgiveness, even for the most heinous of crimes, come with time; and, as a corollary, what, after all, is revenge? But the film doesn’t explore these fundamental questions with the kind

  •  India Today | Review By -Rohit Khilnani Rating-7
This film has some amazing moments and a lot of credit goes to the director and his actors. Raghvan gives them an open field to perform and show their best skills, the magic is obviously in the writing. The film also has its fair share of unnecessary scenes like the sex scene between

  •  Mid Day | Review By -Shubha Shetty Saha Rating-8
'Badlapur' is definitely not the stuff for those with a weak appetite or those who like things black or white. Director Sriram Raghavan consistently treads that thin line between the right and wrong in this complex revenge drama, which keeps us riveted but also mighty unsettled.

  •  Koimoi | Review By -Surabhi Redkar Rating-7
Badlapur is a brilliant direction from Sriram Raghavan whose film opens like novel and is full of twists. According to me, the film’s best element is Varun Dhawan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui who own this film right from start. For the excellent performances by both the leads

  •  Bollywood Hungama | Review By -Hungama Network Rating-7
Director Sriram Raghavan strikes the hammer of genius with BADLAPUR for he buys your eyes and makes you stay glued to the screen right till the end. The biggest highlight of the film is the incredible tussle between two powerful actors Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Varun Dhawan unexpectedly

  •  Gulf News | Review By -Manjusha Radhakrishnan Rating-8
The triumph here is the break-neck speed with which Misha and the boy are killed and how Raghu hurtles down the path of isolation. It shocks the viewers instantly and is the perfect audience bait to keep you guessing for the next hour. While the beginning throws the audience

  •  Bollywood Life | Review By -Subramanian Harikumar Rating-7
It is not an everyday occurrence when a film manages to be witty, bold and classy at the same time. If you enjoy intense dark flicks, Badlapur is for you. Even if dark films are not your cup of tea, watch it for Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Varun Dhawan, who are the heart and soul of the film.

  •  Moviez Adda | Review By -Divya Solgama Rating-7
The movie has lots of dum for all those who love slow and dark thrillers with a good amount of hard hitting violence, power packed performances and the bold content attached to it. Though, it fails to end on the satisfactory note and had the full potential to surpass Shriram Raghavan’s
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  •  Book My Show | Review By -Vidula Menge Rating-5
Badlapur has its moments thanks to Siddiqui’s comic timing and funny punchlines that crack you up occasionally. The film progresses at a snail’s pace, but picks up after the interval to deliver an unforeseeable climax. Varun Dhawan may have come across as a miscast, but deserves

  •  Glamsham | Review By -Martin D'Souza Rating-8
But there's more paisa vasooli to be made as Nawazuddin Siddiqui gives us a super blast of a performance. You want to stand up and applaud his sheer genius. ''Tu cheez kya hai bhai?'' Even if it's just for Nawazuddin, you have to watch this film. Provided you have the ability

  •  Hindustan Times | Review By -Sweta Kaushal Rating-6
Badlapur is, without doubt, Varun Dhawan's best till date. Whether it is crying over the sudden deaths or romancing invisible Yami or the cold-blooded murders, his expressions never fail to scare the audience or touch the right chord. In just fifteen minutes of film's opening

  •  India Today | Review By -Anubhav Parsheera Rating-7
The appeal of the movie is in the ambiguity of human nature that it attempts to depict. As a result of this, we see a role reversal at the end which makes us question the side we were really rooting for. The movie makes us ponder over the nature of evil, and how one act of evil might

  •  Zee News | Review By -Gayatri Sankar Rating-7
The first half of the film is brilliantly put together and makes you eagerly wait for the remaining part. If you would like to see different kind of cinema and are a fan of Nawazuddin, then ‘Badlapur’ isn’t something that you can afford to miss. Varun too will surprise you with his mature
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  •  DNA | Review By -Tushar Joshi Rating-7
They say revenge is a dish best served cold. Not so in the case of Sriram Raghavan's blood laced piping hot drama that starts with an African proverb - 'The axe forgets, the tree remembers' setting the tone for what follows. The story is pretty much linear, it is a traditional

  •  Deccan Chronicle | Review By -Kusumita Das Rating-7
The story is as dark as it gets, but Sriram never loses his wicked humour. He effortlessly creates situations where you do feel sorry for what you see, but you cannot help let out a snigger. And then he undercuts that moment with a surprise or a shock. The writing is smart where

  •  Indiaglitz | Review By -Vishal Verma Rating-8
An exceptional bold and gritty criss- cross between revenge sagas and morality dramas Sriram Raghavan’s ‘Badlapur’ produced by Maddock Films and presented by Eros is a film which is impossible to be dismissed. Driven by path breaking performances by Varun Dhawan

  •  Hindustan Times | Review By -Anupama Chopra Rating-7
Badlapur is tough, on both its viewers and its actors. Full marks to Varun for stepping out of his comfort zone. The supporting players — from Huma to Kumud Mishra — are terrific. But ultimately, Badlapur rests on the towering talent of Nawazuddin.

  •  India Today | Review By -Suhani Singh Rating-4
Embodying the physicality of a character is one thing but inhabiting his emotional state of mind is another. Dhawan's attempt is earnest but the laboured performance leaves you desiring for more especially when you are up against the more assured and at ease, Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

  •  Mumbai Mirror | Review By -Rahul Desai Rating-8
This is Mr. Raghavan's most absolute, and finally, his most uncompromising effort. It combines the menacing edge of Ek Hasina Thi, pulpy power of Johnny Gaddar and moody ambition (unmarred by powers beyond) of Agent Vinod, and crucially, throbs with a missing element-depth-evident

  •  Bolly Spice | Review By -NĂºria Bonals Hidalgo Rating-7
Badlapur is a must-watch film, one of the first films in 2015 that managed to live up to expectations. Good performances in an intense story directed by an accomplished director. Varun ably takes on a character that is totally different to what he has offered until now. The only concern that
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  •  Sify | Review By -Sonia Chopra Rating-4
Writer-director Sriram Raghavan is back after the AgentVinod debacle, and he is somewhat in form with Badlapur.But sadly, Badlapur is still not as deliciously decadent asEk Hasina Thi (2004) and the critically acclaimed JohnnyGaddar (2007). The film is mainly recommended for Nawazuddin

  •  Masala | Review By -Lokesh Dharmani Rating-6
The first fifteen minutes of Badlapur felt like someone had kicked me in the stomach. I even cried especially when Raghu's wife serves him rajmaa in name of some exotic Mexican dish. And that too for a WEEK! Tragic. Very tragic. Jokes apart, the scene where Raghu breaks down indeed

  •  Deccan Chronicle | Review By -Suparna Sharma Rating-6
Badlapur, of course, is committed more to its hero, Varun Dhawan. Dhawan is great, especially when he has to hold a look, exude one basic emotion — rage, anger, grief, need for revenge. He’s especially good when women are around him — his scene with Huma Qureshi is rather impressive.

  •  Business Of Cinema | Review By -Tara Agrawal Rating-6
Raghu moves to a dead-end place called Badlapur where he works a mechanical job as a factory foreman and leads a pared down lonely life, mourning daily for the loss of his young family. As time passes, Dhawan begins to look more under slept, as if bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders.
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  •  Malayala Manorama | Review By -Arathi Kannan Rating-7
Each character is drawn up meticulously with smart extensions attached to them, but none is smarter than the director, whose vision of them has scooped out a sensational drama. For mainstream cinema and its stereotypes, 'Badlapur' is an effective antidote. And if I may, it’s that snort

  •  Daily Bhaskar | Rating-6
Badlapur is a good attempt at neo-noir, action-drama genre replete with fantastic acting, a gripping plot and impressive action sequences. However, perhaps the makers of the film knew that the end of the film would disappoint the audience, and that’s why they named it
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  •  Now Running | Review By -Piyush Chopra Rating-7
Badlapur is a breathtaking, thrilling piece of cinema that marks a scintillating return to form for director Sriram Raghavan. Bolstered by brilliant performances from Varun Dhawan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, the film is a must-watch for both the discerning and the average movie-goers.

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