Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) English Movie Review | 6 Critic Reviews | Michael Caine, Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Firth

Kingsman: The Secret Service Review

Michael Caine, Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Jack Davenport, Mark Strong, Sofia Boutella, Mark Hamill, Sophie Cookson
Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) English Movie Posterdirection:
Matthew Vaughn
Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons (Based on the book 'The Secret Service')
Jane Goldman, Matthew Vaughn
George Richmond
Henry Jackman, Matthew Margeson
produced by:
Adam Bohling, David Reid, Matthew Vaughn
Action, Comedy, Thriller
run time:
129 minutes

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Kingsman: The Secret Service English Movie Review

Critic Reviews- (Ratings out of 10)

  •  Times Of India | Review By -Reagan Gavin Rasquinha Rating-8
Egerton delivers and Jackson is perfect as the villain Valentine whose environmentally-conscious concerns conceal a devious plan for global genocide. His sidekick Gazelle (Boutella) is a vamp plucked straight out a Quentin Tarantino wet dream as does a scene involving

  •  Book My Show | Review By -Aubrey D'Souza Rating-8
Kingsman: The Secret Service delivers knockout blows and finally we have an action film without the existential drama that most of them seem to exude. Taron and Colin Firth are a wonderful team. One is the young disciple who needs training and the other, the master-spy.

  •  CNN IBN | Review By -Rajeev Masand Rating-7
Kingsman: The Secret Service is a spectacle of cartoon violence and irreverent humor; it's exactly the sort of wildly entertaining experience that we go to the movies for. This cheeky send-up of classic James Bond films cements director Matthew Vaughn's reputation as one of the most

  •  Hindustan Times | Review By -Jyoti Sharma Bawa Rating-7
Both Firth and Egerton perform solidly in the film. As the special agent who believes 'Manners maketh man', Firth has a blast. Who else can you see giving a lesson on oxfords vs brogues? The verbal duels between Firth and Jackson regarding spy films form some of the most entertaining

  •  Indian Express | Review By -Shalini Langer Rating-4
A CORNER of a foreign field will be now for ever England. For there fell Colin Firth. And in the cause of a sort-of spy film that is more wannabe-Jason Bourne than James Bond, even while professing Jack Bauer. And yet it all begins so promisingly, featuring suits (as in Savile Row)

  •  DNA | Review By -Bryan Durham Rating-7
Colin Firth dominates, quite literally. This film might have the likes of Caine and Strong, but Firth emerges first among equals here. Top marks to fight coordinator Guillermo Grispo for choreographing the spectacular church fight sequence and the one set in a bar and to director

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