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Ek Paheli Leela Review

Sunny Leone, Jay Bhanushali, Rajneesh Duggal, Rahul Dev, Mohit Ahlawat, Jas Arora, Shivani Tanksale, VJ Andy
Ek Paheli Leela (2015) Hindi Movie Posterdirection:
Bobby Khan
Bobby Khan
Jojo Khan
Bunty Rathore
Basha Lal Sayed
Amal Mallik, Meet Bros Anjjan
produced by:
Ahmed Khan, Bhushan Kumar
Drama, Romance, Thriller
run time:
144 minutes
censor certification:

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Ek Paheli Leela Hindi Movie Review

Critic Reviews- (Ratings out of 10)

  •  Times Of India | Review By -Mohar Basu Rating-6
Director Bobby Khan amps up the oomph quotient, helping Sunny pull a character than demands a steady performance. And to be fair, she has delivered her most earnest act so far. She has worked on her linguistic skills seriously and can emote a lot better than before. The men are

  •  Indian Express | Review By -Shubhra Gupta Rating-0
Why, in fact, pretend towards a plot, when all this film wants to do is to exploit its leading lady’s awe-inspiring stack? From as many angles as possible, the closer the better? Who gave India’s Babydoll reason to believe that she could go beyond ‘sone di and pittal di’ with this bilge?

  •  NDTV | Review By -Saibal Chatterjee Rating-2
The painfully pointless Ek Paheli Leela is a full-blown cinematic conundrum whose depth is inversely proportional to the geneorus decolletage that is on show. With Leone on the prowl, what do you expect? She is surrounded by a battery of males who lust for her without making any

  •  Koimoi | Review By -Surabhi Redkar Rating-3
Ek Paheli Leela is genuinely an unnecessary film. It offers nothing but Sunny Leone’s sexy shots and I don’t think you need to watch a film for that. Men may enjoy this film for their sensory pleasures since there is much more that meets the eye in this one. I am going with a 1.5/5

  •  Hindustan Times | Review By -Rohit Vats Rating-2
Ek Paheli Leela is regressive, illogical and completely dependent on Sunny Leone. She looks stunning and dances pretty well, but that much was also available on YouTube. Where is the film? There is no point talking about the logic behind Ek Paheli Leela, because there is none.

  •  India Today | Review By -Ananya Bhattacharya Rating-3
There's this scene in the film where Meera, once she finds love, throws her anti-depressants away. If only the container would permeate the screen and land in a viewer's lap! The real 'paheli' of the film's title is not Leela's story. It is why this film was even made. If you're planning to watch

  •  Mid Day | Review By -Shubha Shetty Saha Rating-1
This is a movie so bad that one is truly curious to understand the “creative process” that went into bringing it alive. It's a semi-porn rubbish masquerading as an intense romantic story So, I am imagining a meeting that might have taken place when Ek Paheli Leela was planned

  •  The W14 | Review By -Mayank Shekhar Rating-3
I’m actually stunned by the reincarnation of Ms Leone, or Karenjit Vohra, ex-pornstar of Punjabi descent, herself. She’s come a long way, baby. If you needed any further proof that she is really a bona fide, solo Bollywood star, it doesn’t get any bigger than this. Does one need
Read full review at the w14

  •  Mumbai Mirror | Review By -Rahul Desai Rating-2
Because this is a 'musical thriller', Leone appears in skimpy getups every minute to numbers named 'Glamorous aankhiyan' and 'Saiyan superstar'. Rajasthan is an excuse to have her bare more cleavage in chholis; her acting chops make it look like an extended fantasy role-play video

  •  DNA | Review By -Tushar Joshi Rating-4
Despite the high points, there isn't any shortage of speed bumps in this reincarnation drama. Even if we toss logic and reason out of the window, how can one explain Meera's odd behaviour of resorting to anti depressant pills to combat claustrophobia. Even though the film swings

  •  Book My Show | Review By -Vikas Nopany Rating-5
The highlight of Ek Paheli Leela is that the film doesn’t dwell on the flashbacks for too long. The plot begins shakily, but tightens up around the interval and keeps the viewer intrigued till the very end. Sunny Leone looks brilliant, but is yet to master the fine nuances of acting. Rajneesh

  •  Bollywood Hungama | Review By -Hungama Network Rating-7
They have done total justice to the 'expectations' which the audiences have from a Sunny Leone film. Even though the first half is lengthy, the second half is what really works in favor of the film and in the interest of the audience. One has to applaud Bobby for having tackled the skin

  •  Moviez Adda | Review By -Divya Solgama Rating-7
The movie is a decent watch with good music score and a gripping story line. It's just that the logic goes for a toss at times in this stretched film, due to which the quality of the film drops down drastically. Sunny Leone's ardent fans and all those who love masala entertainers will
Read full review at moviezadda

  •  Now Running | Review By -Noyon Jyoti Parasara Rating-3
There are too many things about Ek Paheli Leela that do not fit. The screenplay lacks direction and pace. And the director lacks clarity. He gives in to the urge to show the audience what he believes they would like to watch and not what he should show. So what we get is close ups of Sunny Leone

  •  Sify | Review By -Sonia Chopra Rating-4
Naturally, the film's story does not convince you at any point. It's unintentionally hilarious to see these city-based characters talk about "vidhi ka vidhaan" and unfinished business from a past life with a straight face. Curiously everyone looks different in their present life

  •  Indiaglitz | Review By -Vishal Verma Rating-6
‘Ek Paheli Leela’ is a soft core musical fantasy that celebrates Sunny Leone’s lusciously bosomy beauty in a full blown Bollywoodised avatar. It's seductive, haunting and humming with oomph and harmless over the top make believe pomp. Go for it if you are for it.

  •  Bollywood Life | Review By -Srishti Dixit Rating-6
The film’s 2 hours and 25 minutes long run-time made me uneasy because it could have been wrapped up in like 2 hours. The songs were unimpressive and unoriginal except for Desi Look which though sounds exactly like Deepika Padukone’s Lovely, has Sunny’s tadka added to it.

  •  Daily Bhaskar | Rating-4
Ek Paheli Leela is a tale of reincarnation punctured by bad acting, several loopholes in the plot and terrible dialogues evoking yawning tendencies, restlessness and a desire to walk out of the theatre. Yet you stay put; thanks to Sunny Leone. Hot-bod Sunny Leone is the only

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