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Masterpiece / Master Piece Kannada Movie Review

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  •  Bangalore Mirror | Review By -Shyam Prasad S Rating-6/10
Wonder why an established star needs to have so much buildup and self-glorification going into the climax of a film. A little more concentration on the subject and character would have made Masterpiece a worthy addition to the impressive list of hits for Yash. His fans may still be in awe of this one but it is too much of playing to the gallery for others.
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  •  Deccan Herald | Review By -S Vishwanath Rating-4/10
Masterpiece is a misnomer. The title ruse to lure audiences to theatre. It is no work of art nor historical saga to be proud of. Despite pre-release hype, Masterpiece, is a mundane, mayhem movie, with names of martyrs like Chandrashekar Azad, Veer Sarvarkar and Bhagat Singh

    •  Deccan Chronicle | Review By -Shashiprasad SM Rating-6/10
    The first half of the movie is loud and clear that the protagonist is no one but the star Yash in disguise as the character in the movie with no guess on whom he is actually punching the dialogues to! It seems like the director has had lesser role to play with importance given

      •  Times Of India | Review By -GS Kumar Rating-7/10
      The film also comes with an ample serving of romance, comedy and action. The romantic track involving Shanvi is quite new. Unlike the usual mass films where the heroine's story track seems forced in for colour and glamour, the romance here is refreshing and you wait for those bits. Similarly, the comedy track involving Yash's favourite Chikkanna is good. This could arguably be one of Chikkanna's best performances this year.

        •  Cine Sinchana | Review By -Raju Shanbhag Rating-4/10
        Stardom can do amazing things for you. Not too many films ago, Yash did boring, sensible stories which the family could watch. But now, he’s a star and he can do everything Darshan and his ilk can do. Here is a list of amazing things he can do, and yup! We are so proud of his growth.

          •  Filmi Beat | Review By -Veena N Rating-6/10
          Masterpiece is a simple story of a local riotous hero Yuva (Yash). The story opens up with Suhasini, (Yuva's mother) giving an interview about him to a TV channel. Like every mother, Yuva's mother wants her son to be a welly educated and respected in the society. Her dream is see her son as a freedom fighter like Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekar Azad.

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            Masterpiece Review

            Yash, Shanvi Srivastava, Ekta Rathod, Suhasini Maniratnam, P Ravi Shankar, Chikkanna
            Masterpiece Kannada Movie Review
            Masterpiece Review
            Manju Mandavya
            Manju Mandavya
            Manju Mandavya
            P. V. Shankar
            Weird Aggregate Rating Masterpiece Yash 5.2/10music:
            V Harikrishna
            produced by:
            Vijay Kiragandur
            Action, Drama
            run time:
            147 minutes
            censor certification:

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