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Viraat Kannada Movie Review

Viraat Kannada Movie Review
Average Rating - 5.3/10
Total Reviews - 3
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Critic Reviews Viraat

  • Filmi Beat | Review By -Veena N Rating-6/10
Nothing new about the script, Viraat is an ultimate action entertainer dedicated to Darshan's fans. Repetitive dialogues by Darshan & Ravishankar. The film-makers have missed out on the comedy timing which is the most important entertaining aspect, audience look for. Viraat is yet another masala entertainer of Darshan, dedicated to his fans! Watch without expectations.
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  • Bangalore Mirror | Review By -Shyam Prasad S Rating-6/10
The film tries to entertain at all cost. There is double bonus in everything. Apart from the three leading ladies, there are also three comedy characters played by Sahdu Kokila, Bullet Prakash and Chidanand. Sadhu and Bullet get a song for themselves too. For every statement Ravishankar makes, Darshan gives him back three. But unless you are a fan wishing to see Darshan glorified in every scene, you may find the proceedings too tardy. The film has so much packed into it that it is an overdose.
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  • Cine Sinchana | Review By -Raju Shanbhag Rating-3/10
I don’t know about you, but each time I watch a Darshan movie, I emerge a better person in life. Be it the tips on handling the police department as if it’s your ancestral property in Airavata or be it the innovative way of managing your thousands of crores of business with a few punches in this film, Darshan always shows you new ways to manage life. Those who watch Viraat too will be blessed with pearls of wisdom that will be useful for them to hold on to their breaths until the next Darshan film

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Darshan, Isha Chawla, Vidisha Shrivastav, Chaitra Chandranath, Suhasini Maniratnam, Sumalatha, P. Ravi Shankar, Srinivasa Murthy, Sadhu Kokila, Bullet Prakash, Chitra Shenoy, Padma Vasanthi, Bank Janardhan, Thulasi Shivamani
H Vasu
H Vasu
H Vasu, MS Ramesh
MS Ramesh
AV Krishna Kumar
V Harikrishna
produced by: 
C Kalyan
Comedy, Drama
run time: 
145 minutes
censor certification: