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Game Kannada Movie ReviewGame Kannada Movie Review

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Critic Reviews Game Kannada Movie

  • Filmi Beat | Review By -Veena N Rating-7/10
Game is a very thought provoking script penned down by AMR Ramesh. It is said that, the movie is based on the real life of late Sunanda Pushkar, wife of former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor. The most highlighted part of the movie is the strong & gripping screenplay. Cinematography has played an effective role in taking the movie to the next level. Music by maestro Ilayaraja has added more to the movie.
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  • Bangalore Mirror | Review By -Shyam Prasad S Rating-6/10
The plot is fantastic. A body goes missing from a forensic lab. The only eye-witness (the security guard) who saw what happened to the body runs away in fear and meets with an accident. The investigation team arrives in the middle of the night (cheers to Karnataka police) and, by daybreak, solve the mystery. Most of the story takes place in the duration of those eight hours after midnight.
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  • Times Of India | Review By -Sunayana Suresh Rating-6/10
That said, the film is engaging and makes for a good watch. The film is a tale that is narrated through one night, with references to many tales prior to that. This non-linear narrative holds the viewer gripped. The protagonist, an investigative officer, is following the case of a rich heiress, who was allegedly murdered and whose body is missing from the morgue. The suspect, her husband who's younger than her, has his own motives and lies that keep him on the run.
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  • Deccan Chronicle | Review By -Shashiprasad SM Rating-4/10
Is Maya still alive? Who are the actual players behind the mysterious game? It does ends on a high note with a good message on drunk driving. So if you can’t get yourself a copy of the Spanish film ‘The Body’, then do watch this one, as the lead actors spearhead by Arjun Sarja play their part well in AMR’s Game!
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  • Deccan Herald | Review By -S Vishwanath Rating-6/10
The film, which boasts of a surprising twist in the climax and a subtle message, has all trademark Ramesh’s style of film making. Embellishing it with background score is maestro Ilayaraja, his 1000th film, while fluent cinematography by Krishna Sriram also adds to mood and atmosphere.  Arjun Sarja essays his role with composed and assured elan. Yes, folks, Game is afoot.
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  • Cine Sinchana | Review By -Raju Shanbhag Rating-6/10
There are a few things that keep your interest going on in this film. First, the disappearance of the body from the morgue raises the suspense quotient and then, some events at the morgue (which are sadly left unexplained) opens up myriad of possibilities. Director AMR Ramesh keeps proceedings simple but tidy. He doesn’t go for weird angles and deafening music. He tells an interesting story is a simple way interlaced mostly by indoor shots and close-ups.
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Arjun Sarja, Manisha Koirala, Shyam Ibrahim, Aqsa Bhat, Neha Saxena, AMR Ramesh, Seetha
AMR Ramesh
AMR Ramesh
AMR Ramesh
Krishna Sriram
produced by: 
AMR Ramesh, Roopa Deshraj
run time: 
125 minutes
censor certification: