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Ghayal Once Again Movie Review

Ghayal Once Again Movie Review
Average Rating - 4.4/10
Total Reviews - 9
Yes - 3
No - 6
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Critic Reviews Ghayal Once Again - 

  • CNN IBN | Review By -Rajeev Masand Rating-4/10
Sunny Deol can still land a punch, his commitment to the part never wavers, and he directs his actors competently. But he deserves a better script…and so do we. By the time he flies into the frame on a chopper in the film’s overlong climax, you’re at the end of your patience and you really just want the film to end.
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  • Times Of India | Review By -Renuka Vyavahare Rating-6/10
The trademark Ghayal background score is slightly altered, making it sound like Mission Impossible. Dialogues like "Paid mercenaries can never match up to the missionaries of truth," etc sound too preachy. Flashback scenes look juvenile and the father daughter scenes, soppy. Despite the flaws, Sunny's idealistic film exudes the sincerity and unbreakable spirit of a common man. If you mess with us, "We will find you and we will punch you." Watch it.
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  • NDTV | Review By -Saibal Chatterjee Rating-3/10
It is amply clear from the very outset that the quaintly antiquated Ghayal Once Again is unlikely to achieve its avowed goal - help Sunny Deol's dhaai kilo ka haath regain its lost box-office potency. Several other Bollywood stars have since moved into the fists of fury space and the deadly Deol's dumbbells and decibels are no longer as saleable as they once were. On his part, the actor, coming out of a longish hiatus, has left nothing to chance. He has produced, written and directed the film himself, thereby ensuring that he is in virtually every frame.
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  • Indian Express | Review By -Shubhra Gupta Rating-3/10
Sunny Deol picks up the baton, and tries running with it. But he doesn’t go too far. Because the plot is a tired, tiresome cobbling together of bits and pieces of films we’ve seen before: the villains are familiar—a wealthy businessman (Jha), a complicit politician (Joshi), and their henchmen. Same old, yes, but with one more difference: many of the bad guys are ‘firangis’.
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  • Rediff | Review By -Sukanya Verma Rating-4/10
Ghayal Once Again wraps in about two hours and does away with all that was wrong in the first one -- songs, comedy -- to focus on elaborate chase sequences involving the kids in a mall conspicuous by unconcerned shoppers and invisible security or a reliably invincible Deol and a Frank Martin clone over a LaCie hard drive. Nice bit of detailing there. Only the rugged, shockproof model could survive the ensuing destruction and daredevilry.
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  • Mid Day | Review By -Shubha Shetty Saha Rating-7/10
Sunny Deol, as a director, does a better than decent job. He manages to keep the plot believable and keep you involved in the goings on. His triumph is also in choosing the right cast and behind-the-scenes people. Good performances (especially by the four youngsters), crisp editing (Chandan Arora), clever screenplay (which goes a bit over the board in the climax, though) and dialogues tailored well to fit the screenplay works towards making this a good watch.
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  • DNA | Review By -Sarita Tanwar Rating-6/10
The sheer nostalgia factor of Ghayal (which perhaps would be lost on many from the present generation) is the greatest highlight of the film. As the background score from the original plays on, there's a rush of adrenaline. Sunny Deol who has directed this version is probably aware of that. So he begins the film with flashes from the original, as a glorious reminder of the Raj Kumar Santoshi-helmed taut thriller. Deol somehow underplays the character of Mehra and that's a breather.
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  • Koimoi | Review By -Surabhi Redkar Rating-4/10
Ghayal Once Again comes no where close to the original. We know it is not the 90s anymore but the least that we could have asked for in this sequel was a few good punchlines. Sadly, the film borrows only two characters Ajay Mehra and Joe D’Souza (Om Puri) and somehow both are not enough to save this film. The problem with the film is that it is trying to say too much but show too less.
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  • Gulf News | Review By -Manjusha Radhakrishnan Rating-3/10
Ghayal Once Again is a shoddy attempt at reviving the classic revenge drama about avenging loose canon Ajay Mehra (Deol). Note to Deol (who has written, directed, produced and acted in Ghayal Once Again): what worked in the ’90s is unlikely to fly now. It took Bollywood actor Sunny Deol over two decades to bring out the sequel of the 1990 action hit Ghayal. Now that it’s here after 26 years, we wish he hadn’t bothered.
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Sunny Deol, Om Puri, Shivam Patil, Rishabh Arora, Aanchal Munjal, Soha Ali Khan, Narendra Jha, Manoj Joshi, Tisca Chopra, Ruhanika Dhawan, Sachin Khedekar, Ramesh Deo, Srijitaa Ghosh, Nadira Babbar, Abhilash Kumar
Sunny Deol
Sagar Pandya, Shaktimaan Talwar
Vishal Vijay Kumar, Sanjay Masoom
Ravi Yadav
Vipin Mishra, Shankar Ehsaan Loy
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Action, Drama
run time: 
127 minutes
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