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Raja Cheyyi Vesthe ReviewRaja Cheyyi Vesthe Movie Review

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Critic Reviews Raja Cheyyi Vesthe

  • Times Of India | Review By -Srividya Palaparthi Rating-6/10
The music was nothing striking. What was striking though was the fact that in the pre-climax just as the plot thickening, a song with children dancing around a romancing hero and heroine seemed appropriate to the filmmaker. It is a hurriedly executed film, that didn't do justice to a promising plot. If a good story line is overdone with too many twists and unnecessary cinematic elements, you will end up with Raja Cheyyi Vesthe.
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  • The Hindu | Review By -Sangeetha Devi Dundoo Rating-4/10
The narrative has the potential to be a gripping tale of reel life overlapping with the real, but never comes together as a whole. The director pieces together the puzzle of the mysterious characters that control Raja Ram way too early, and what remains is a stale revenge saga. The transformation of the aspiring filmmaker to a gutsy hero is sketchy and Manik, too, ends up as a caricature. Raja Cheyyi Vesthe is an example of a film that may appear reasonably good in parts, on paper, but might end up being absurd on screen.
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  • Deccan Chronicle | Review By -Suresh Kavirayani Rating-5/10
Sashank, Sivaji Raja and Ravi Varma appear in short roles that they have performed perfectly. Their roles could have been extended though. Bhaskar Samala’s cinematography is good, while the music by Sai Karthik is average. In conclusion, Raja Cheyyi Vesthe has a few interesting moments here and there, but the director lost the grip on the screenplay.
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  • AP Herald | Review By -Common Man Rating-2/10
But an unimpressive editing and a not-so-catchy tune by Sai Karthik pulls the movie down. Cinematography is also below par. This is a season where cinematographer use various lightings and different frames. Debutante director Pradeep has made a solid debut, but he fails to connect the dots together. He has got the solid base for a thriller, but he fails to evoke curiosity from the audience. Also the screenplay was sluggish at times. It should have been more racy. If those small flaws were corrected, it would have been a solid material.

  • Chitramala | Review By -Vikaram Guru Rating-3/10
A flashback starts after a twist is revealed which is flat. With the ending of flashback, audience feel that movie is a wasted opportunity. Debutant director Pradeep Chilukuri failed miserably in handling screenplay and direction. To sum up, Raja Cheyi Vesthe has nothing to offer and is an example of failed execution. Watch it if you are a fan of Nara Rohith or Tarakarathna but don’t expect anything.
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  • 123 Telugu | Review By -123 Telugu Rating-5/10
Camera work is nothing great to talk about. Coming to debutante director Pradeep, he had all the right elements in his hand but failed to connect them together. Even though his intention is appreciable, a little more thought into the thrilling part could have made the movie a lot more interesting. Also, if he could have made the screenplay a little more pacy, it would have made the movie even better overall.
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Nara Rohit, Taraka Ratna, Isha Talwar
Pradeep Chilukuri
Pradeep Chilukuri
Pradeep Chilukuri
Samala Bhasker
Sai Karthik
produced by: 
Sai Korrapati
Action, Drama
run time: 
143 minutes
censor certification: 

Plot Synopsis
An aspiring film director narrates a breath-taking story to his girlfriend in a coffee shop. An unknown message knocks the door the next day, asking him to write a love story. He sends his own love story, which impresses the stranger, but he asks for an action ending for killing a brutal villain. Hero sends a thrilling plot. This time the stranger sends a parcel with a gun to kill the real life brutal villain implying the same plot. Hero ends up knowing the cruel intentions of the villain and tries to escape from this trap. But he receives a message showing his girlfriend meeting a planned accident. That states a warning that there is no go back. Can a common man really attempt to kill a brutal villain for his loved ones. Who is the unknown stranger behind this? How will hero unfold the mysterious murder plan?