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Santa Banta Pvt Ltd Movie ReviewSanta Banta Pvt Ltd Movie Review

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Critic Reviews Santa Banta Pvt Ltd

  • Bollywood Hungama | Review By -BH Network Rating-3/10
With absolutely no hummable songs to boast, the film's music (Jaidev Kumar, Jassi Katyal, Nadeem Amjad) is a big let-down. While the film's cinematography (Chirantan Das) is totally average, the film's editing (Nitin Rokade) is nothing great to write about. On the whole, SANTA BANTA PVT LTD. suffers due a weak script. At the box office, it will be a non-starter and its prospects will remain bleak.
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  • Times Of India | Review By -Mohar Basu Rating-2/10
This film gives annoying a new meaning. It takes special kind of talent to make something as boring, ridiculous, vain and unfunny as this. It will be blasphemous to call it a comedy. And the fact that it stars the funny guy Vir Das and the witty Boman Irani, is a shame. The lethargic writing and amateurish humour doesn't have a hint of vibrancy. It is as dull as dull gets and even triple strength Americano can't help you stay awake while watching this muddled mess.
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  • Hindustan Times | Review By -Rohit Vats Rating-2/10
The songs gave some respite, but even they were loud and lacked context. To call it slapstick would be an insult to the audience’s sensibilities because the jokes are stale and the situations humourless. The real outrage here is how can someone make a story with Santa-Banta, the epitome of two-liners, such a lacklustre affair?
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  • Koimoi | Review By -Surabhi Redkar Rating-2/10
Director Akashdeep gives us all the reasons to run out of the theaters in this film or least of all hit the snooze button. The film’s plot being a yawn-fest, the execution is even more tepid. The film takes off with a weird animation of the two characters, Santa and Banta and even in the film, this animation keeps surfacing up. It is poorly crafted and you completely miss the point as to why it has been forced into the film.
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  • India Today | Review By -Suhani Singh Rating-1/10
Watching Santa Banta will leave viewers asking relevant questions. Were Santa Banta jokes so bad that they were good? Did they never ever make us laugh? That's the effect of this film which follows two-good-for-nothing Punjabis - Santa (Boman Irani) and Banta (Vir Das) - who are passed off as secret agents. Sent on a mission to rescue the Indian High Commissioner of Fiji, the fools court trouble consistently but the ensuing situations rarely make you giggle let alone draw a hearty laugh.
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  • NDTV | Review By -Saibal Chatterjee Rating-1/10
Santa Banta jokes have been done to death. But innocuous as they are, they haven't ever killed anyone. But this film, which uses the names of Santa and Banta to peddle its imbecile gags, is a cruel, potentially harmful joke. Why on earth has Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd. been made? Keep guessing! It is mystifyingly bad: all noise, no poise.
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  • Mid Day | Review By -Shubha Shetty Saha Rating-2/10
112 minutes of this movie and not a single second that could justify why a movie of this kind was being made. In the beginning there is a longish disclaimer that painstakingly describes how the movie’s characters should not be taken seriously. Well, if half that effort were used in writing some genuinely funny dialogues, perhaps that disclaimer would be required. No one’s going to take this film seriously anyway.
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  • News 18 | Reviews By -Divya Pal Rating-1/10
The film hangs upon a horribly wafer-thin plot and a loose screenplay. Writers Asad Ajmeri and Pawan Soni obviously don’t know that a script that aspires to the term ‘comedy’ owes the viewers at least one key aspect: laughter. Laden with the so-called ‘jokes’ that are unfunny, lame and lack the element of surprise, the script fails to sustain interest. As frothy and insubstantial as a soap bubble, ‘Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd’ says a lot about the level of humour that directors like Akashdeep feel Indian viewers have.
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  • DNA | Review By -Bryan Durham Rating-2/10
The fact that I watched this film expecting at least a few guffaws. There are none to be had. Akashdeep has a sturdy cast at his disposal and he squanders the opportunity to make it work to his benefit. Lever as the Nepali don is about the worst thing you're going to see this year. The plot doesn't have loopholes, it has black holes that suck your sanity in. And what forgettable songs! Who thought it was a good idea to make this film?
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Vir Das, Boman Irani, Neha Dhupia, Lisa Haydon, Johnny Lever, Ram Kapoor, Vijay Raaz, Sanjay Mishra
Akashdeep Sabir
Asad Ajmeri, Pawan Sony
Asad Ajmeri
Asad Ajmeri, Lawrence J John
Chirantan Das
Jaidev Kumar, Jassi Katyal
produced by: 
Akashdeep Sabir, Sheeba Akashdeep Sabir
Comedy, Drama
run time: 
113 minutes
censor certification: