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1920 London Movie Review1920 London Movie Review

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Critic Reviews 1920 London

  • Gulf News | Review By -Manjusha Radhakrishnan Rating-3/10
Watching this supernatural thriller is so exhausting that the viewers may contemplate laying down their souls for her. For that would mean the torture in the guise of a horror film-meets-unrequited love story would mercifully end. The gore fest begins when Shivangi (Meera Chopra), a London-based princess from a Rajasthani royal family, goes home to find an exorcist.
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  • Koimoi | Review By -Surabhi Redkar Rating-3/10
What’s the worst thing in this film is that, there is absolutely no interaction between the possessed soul and those living surrounding it. The ghost mere laughs but that too being so artificial, we hardly even get startled by it. Several scenes are left incomplete, like when the possessed body leaves the hospital walking on its hands, how do they take it home in a normal condition.
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  • Bollywood Hungama | Review By -BH Network Rating-5/10
On the whole, 1920 LONDON is an engrossing fare with the right amount of eerie and scary moments. It has its ample share of terrifying moments that one expects from a film about supernatural forces. In a horror film, it's always the background score that either make or break the film. In the case of 1920 LONDON, the background score definitely comes across as one of the driving factors of the film. It has the potential to appeal to all sections of audiences at the box-office.
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  • News 18 | Review By -Kriti Tulsiani Rating-3/10
Being the third film in the ‘1920’ series, after ‘1920’ and ‘1920: The Evil Returns’, there isn’t anything wow or anything that can be boasted about. To the film’s credit, music will help you endure the story line that starts feeling like a sleeping pill towards the end. Don’t even bat an eyelid before skipping ‘1920: London’. It’s that easy to miss!
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  • Rediff | Review By -Namrata Thakker Rating-2/10
1920 London is like most of Bollywood horror movies: boring and predictable. Cliched dialogues, unrequited love angle and romantic songs... the film has everything but scares. If that isn't enough, you have actors who look blank throughout the film and barely hold your attention.
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  • Times Of India | Review By -Mohar Basu Rating-2/10
The best thing that can be said about it is that it will remain one of the year's funniest films. Blood talk, daayans and jaadu tona are all in vogue this season (ahem!) but in the horror genre, these things are so passe. One look at the daayan and the first thing that will pop in your head is 'For Devil's Sake, someone get the poor woman a stylist'. With her sense of make-up, anyone would be looked down upon by their peers. No wonder she rages, roars and rumbles to find herself a soul.
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  • Indian Express | Review By -Shalini Langer Rating-2/10
Hats off for at least the ambition — and there are plenty of those to doff, this being early England and all. Few films, fewer still with the limited scale of a Vikram Bhatt horror, swing as frequently between 1920 London and 1920 “somewhere in Mewar, Rajasthan” — on streamers no less. An infinitesimal number, hopefully, do so chasing an “aatma” that resides in a locket.
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  • Deccan Chronicle | Review By -Rohit Bhatnagar Rating-2/10
The scariest scene in the film, where the demon plays hide and seek with Meera and Jai, turns out to be a comic one. The film ends up being a cliché love story rather than a horror flick. Music by Sharib-Toshi is just avoidable. I was so engrossed in finding the purpose to watch the film that I completely missed the songs. ‘1920 London’ is a clear miss this week. The couple making out in the dark beside me was perhaps more entertaining than the film.
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  • Bollywood Life | Review By -Soumyata Chauhan Rating-3/10
While the film had a good twist post interval, it wasn’t that surprising. The film follows a very formulaic and predictable pattern after that twist scene. Except for the gender reversal, as here the wife is saving the husband, the plot is almost similar to the first 1920 film. The conclusion also lacked the required impact, that you expect from a horror thriller.
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Sharman Joshi, Meera Chopra, Vishal Karwal, Sagar Saikia
Tinu Suresh Desai
Vikram Bhatt
Girish Dhamija, Sukhmani Sadana, Vikram Bhatt
Prakash Kutty
Amar Mohile, Sharib Sabri, Toshi Sabri
produced by: 
Vikram Bhatt
run time: 
120 minutes
censor certification: 

Plot Synopsis
1920 London is a horror film that revolves around Shivangi and her husband, Veer Singh. They have everything going well for them in London, until Veer receives a gift from Rajasthan, India. Strange things begin to happen with him and Shivangi becomes increasingly worried as his physical, spiritual and mental condition spirals out of control.

Convinced it is black magic, Shivangi decides to seek help of a spiritual healer and guru Jai. How Jai exorcises to help the possessed man and protect his wife from evil who in turn discovers many shocking truths along the way, forms the rest of the story.