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James and Alice Movie ReviewJames and Alice Movie Review

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Critic Reviews James and Alice

  • Times Of India | Review By -Deepa Soman Rating-5/10
Viewers desperately wait for at least one refreshing line of thought or dialogue in these sequences, but in vain. The characters also hardly challenge the lead actors, but the child artiste playing their daughter has given a convincing performance. James and Alice does have the aftertaste of a genuine attempt, but offers no good-enough takeaways as a movie.

  • Manorama | Review By -Arathi Kannan Rating-5/10
A story that offers a fine twist midway, but slowly starts to drawl and extend its foreseeable ending, is the major setback. For a film that has put all its energy into relationships and transient life, the narrative could have been more nuanced with a fine-tuned body language. It could have broken the monotony and brought in some intrigue with Prithviraj and Vedhicka playing up the subtlety of language to such good effect.
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  • Behindwoods | Review By -D Meera Chithirappaavai Rating-5/10
The story told in the first half is a very usual one and automatically you will expect the usual things to happen in the second half. Fortunately, the small road that the narrator takes to tell this story in a slightly unexpected manner is a big relief in the second half. With the right kind of pacing and inclusion of more entertaining elements (not necessarily commercial) James and Alice could have managed to become yet another memorable story.
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  • Filmi Beat | Review By -Akhila Menon Rating-5/10
Sujith Vasudev makes a decent debut as a director and proves that he is here to stay. He has tried to bring out a different narrative style to the not-so-fresh theme, which is commendable. Dr. S Janardhanan's screenplay lacks strength in the first half and falls into slow pace; but such negative factors are resolved by the thrilling, emotional second half and a crispy climax.

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Prithviraj Sukumaran, Vedhika, Saikumar, Kishore Sathya, Parvathy Nair, Manju Pillai, Nedumudi Venu, Sijoy Varghese
Sujith Vasudev
Sujith Vasudev
S Janardhanan
Sujith Vasudev
Sujith Vasudev
Gopi Sundar
produced by: 
S Sajikumar
Drama, Romance
run time: 
166 minutes
censor certification: 

Plot Synopsis
James (Prithviraj Sukumaran), a vagabond at heart and Alice (Vedhika Kumar), the studious daughter of a wealthy estate owner fall madly in love. When the couple decides to start a life together, little do they know that a day would come when they would both have to re-think their relationship. As they come to terms with their new reality, will their love for each be enough to fight back?