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Review Buddha In A Traffic Jam Movie Review

Buddha In A Traffic Jam Movie Review

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Critic Reviews Buddha In A Traffic Jam

  • Koimoi | Review By -Surabhi Redkar Rating-3/10
Buddha In A Traffic Jam is a film that must be missed by those who have a poor knowledge of issues such as Naxals in India and their motives. For those in the know, you will realise how provocative this film is towards selling a mindset. Buddha In A Traffic Jam is a propagandist film in the garb of a political satire. It preaches more than what it can practice. I am going with a 1.5/5 for this film.
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  • Times Of India | Review By -Mohar Basu Rating-4/10
His limited knowledge of the issue is evident from the tendency to overfeed information. By the climax, Vivek is fumbling to put across what he set out to say. The film ends on a hurried note, never offering a plausible solution to any of the listed problems. While Arunoday (despite his jarring accent) and Anupam Kher are good, the flimsy story fails them.
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  • Rediff | Review By -Raja Sen Rating-0/10
The plot is preposterous, and by the end of the film, all us critics were laughing in exhausted disbelief. Is this a real movie? Did someone fund this? Is this actually releasing in theatres? In the name of Comrade Jesus, how about a solitary drop of sanity? Most importantly, who in the world is Anupam Kher's unseen Papa, constantly calling him on the phone and asking him to turn on the radio?
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  • Mid Day | Review By -Shubha Shetty Saha Rating-5/10
While, at points, you want to take certain issues seriously, at other points, the director and the scriptwriter have totally gone overboard with all seriousness, making it unwittingly funny. For instance, the scene where Vikram is doubting everyone around to be a Naxalite is hilarious. Also, the supposedly brilliant marketing plan that he comes up with is very commonplace in the current scenario, thus making the entire plot look hollow and pointless.
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  • Now Running | Review By -Manisha Lakhe Rating-1/10
Nonsensical attempt to sound posh by giving it a fancy title and claiming that it tackles subjects like Naxalites in Chattisgarh. If there is an original idea in the film it is that Naxalites are everywhere amongst us, and that they could be anyone: your doctor, your best friend, your banker, your lawyer, government officials and that they are biding their time for a bloodbath on the streets. Howlarious.
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  • News 18 | Review By -Kriti Tulsiani Rating-4/10
This film is a kind that you won't mind spending on if you’ve a fair knowledge about the various Naxalite issues and the hidden fiascoes that underline our system. But just in case your ideology belongs to the extreme right wing, this film can be slept over. To sum up, a scene from the film summarises our feeling for the film; “We love ‘Buddha in a Traffic Jam’ but we aren’t in love with it”.
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  • Hindustan Times | Review By -Sarit Ray Rating-2/10
Good cinema must be convincing. Good propaganda even more so. Buddha… doesn't manage to be either. At one point, Pandit is delivering a speech on corruption, and how students can change it all. But how?, someone asks. His solution? “Do it by thinking it.”  Pandit is Agnihotri on screen, naturally; the film is “autobiographical”. They’re both utterly self-convinced. We are not.
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  • Deccan Chronicle | Review By -Rohit Bhatnagar Rating-6/10
Vivek Agnihotri brings us an untouched issue of the hidden war going on in the country -- between naxals and the tribals, a race for supremacy over the other in dark areas hardly touched by civilisation. Vivek Agnihotri and Rohit Malhotra’s screenplay is the film’s strength. It pans out in ten chapters, each as taut as the other in this socio-political thriller. When the mystery unravels, you realize the system is rotten to the core.
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Arunoday Singh, Mahi Gill, Anupam Kher, Pallavi Joshi, Vivek Vaswani, Anchal Dwivedi, Gopal K Singh
Vivek Agnihotri
Vivek Agnihotri
Rohit Malhotra
Attar Singh Saini
Rohit Sharma
produced by: 
Pranay Chokshi, Sharad Patel, Shreyanshi Patel, Suresh Chukapalli, Vivek Agnihotri
Crime, Drama, Thriller
run time: 
115 minutes
censor certification: 

Plot Synopsis
Vikram Pandit is a happy-go-lucky management student from a business school in India. He becomes an overnight sensation after a successful social media campaign against the radical fundamentalism of moral policing in India. Little did Vikram know that he was about to become a part of a plot that would risk his life and the nation. He gets entangled between two facets of India – Socialism and Capitalism, both of which are deeply rooted in isolated corners of the country. Somewhere deep within the jungles, flagrant conspirators were gearing up to maim the Country. They had established links with the patrician society. Vikram’s internet campaign pulls him into a very deep web of conspiracy. The film revolves around Vikram’s survival in the sinister designs of establishment. It resolves the age long conflict between Capitalism and Socialism and defines the much-needed revolution for the contemporary India.