Hilarious Names Of These Horror Movies Will Make You Go LOL WTF!!

Hilarious Horror Movie Titles

Everyone likes a good horror movie. There are horror movies which are outright funny and unintentionally hilarious. Titles itself of some of these horror movies are quite amusing. We present to you a list of such horror movies with funny titles. Comical names of these horror movies will make you fall out of your chair!

Funny Horror Movie Titles List

1. Killer Condom!!
What the hell were they thinking? Killer Condom? The tagline is equally hilarious - 'The rubber that rubs you out'!! Looks like a story of a icchhadhaari condom on a men killing spree. Hope those men who watched this movie were not afraid to put on a condom the next time they had sex!! No one wants to get their crotch bitten by a condom.

Killer Condom

2. Sexcula
This is 1974 horror movie. Wonder why there is a gorilla in the poster. 

3. Buttcrack!!
Watch this movie to find out how buttcracks kill people. I am just guessing. All I can think of is WWE's Rikishi making people lose consciousness with his killer buttcrack attack!


3. Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes
People swimming in sea and lying down on the sea shore are killed by an unknown creature! People are scared to death. And they are mutated creatures! A Shark? Nope. An Octopus? Nope. A Whale? Nope. A Stingray? Nope. Arrrghhh F**king Piranhas? Nope. Tomatoes you silly!!

Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes

4. Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Now we have clowns sorry klowns coming outer space to kill humanity! Oh Lord Save Us.
Killer Klowns From Outer Space

5. Reptilicus
Godzilla's Cousin Sister makes her debut on screen. And that female in the poster is rightly scared. Someone please save her.


6. Sharknado
Enough Said!

7. The Oily Maniac
Hmmm. RIP poor couple in the poster making out.

The Oily Maniac

8. Attack Of The Killer Refrigerator
OK. I'm Done!
Attack of the killer refrigerator