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Jigarthanda Kannada Movie Review

Jigarthanda Kannada Movie Review

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Critic Reviews Jigarthanda Kannada Movie

  • Bangalore Mirror | Review By -Shyam Prasad S Rating-6/10
Want some entertainment? Try Jigarthanda. With enough twists and turns and a comical take on the film industry and lives of gangsters, it is bang for the buck. Ravi Shankar has a befitting 50th film. Make no mistake, he is the star of the show. Technically, the film has a lavish feel. Expenses have not been spared. If getting entertained is your idea, Jigarthanda will be a delight.
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  • Deccan Chronicle | Review By -Shashiprasad SM Rating-6/10
While ghosts and restless souls continues to haunt sandalwood with endless horror movies this season, Jigarathanda comes as a relief coupled with fun and entertainment. Refreshingly true to its original made in Tamil with the same title, the highlight of this Kannada version is mostly about the versatile Ravishankar who has struck back with yet another impeccable performance.
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  • The Hindu | Review By -Archana Nathan
Like in the original, here too the film’s transformation in tone — from serious to comic — is a bit stark and unnerving. This too could have been smoothened a bit. Shivaganesh’s Jigarthanda aspires rather obviously to be as entertaining as its original. If not for the melodrama, it would have been. Instead, it is an okay, almost there version.
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  • Times Of India | Review By -Sunayana Suresh Rating-6/10
While the film manages to gain momentum through towards the middle of the first half, the second half ensures the viewers have ample entertainment. Given that the story of this film has an edgy feel to it, it is worth that one visit to the hall this weekend if you want to be entertained.
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  • Chitraloka | Review By -Chitraloka Rating-8/10
Jigarthanda is one of the best comedy films to come out of Sandalwood in recent times. The film also has the right mix of romance, sentiments and action to make it a complete commercial package. Rahul is back and so is Samyukta Horanadu. Sadhu Kokila and Chikkanna are the torchbearers of comedy.
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P Ravi Shankar, Rahul, Chikkanna, Sadhu Kokila, Samyuktha Hornad
Siva Ganesh
Siva Ganesh
Siva Ganesh
Arjun Janya
produced by: 
Devika Bhagat, Raghunath, TS Sathyanarayana
Action, Comedy, Drama
run time: 
140 minutes
censor certification: 

Plot Synopsis
Jigarthanda movie is an official remake of the super hit Tamil movie, Jigarthanda. It is a dark comedy entertainer, directed by Shiva Ganesh.