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Appa 2016 Tamil Movie Review

Appa Tamil Movie Review

Total Reviews - 6
Average Rating - 4.6/10
Yes - 0
No - 2
Neutral - 4
Watchable? - 66%

Critic Reviews Appa

  • Behindwoods | Review By -BW Review Rating-4/10
Appa has moments of greatness but because of its opinionated presentation, at no level, it gives you a good degree of satisfaction nor makes you accept the flaws that have been pinpointed. A gutsy uncompromising effort from Samuthirakani which however would test your patience to sit through!
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  • Rediff | Review By -S Saraswathi Rating-5/10
Music by Ilaiyaraaja is unremarkable, but cameraman Richard M Nathan perfectly captures the beauty of the small town. Irrespective of the flaws, Appa is a thought-provoking portrayal of where our society is heading with its craze for successful (but not happy) life.
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  • Filmi Beat | Review By -Avinash Gopinath Rating-5/10
Though the film is packed with inspiring messages to parents, which gets melodramatic at times, a screenplay sans twists and turns might make it difficult for you to be completely engrossed. Overall Samuthirakani's intention to deliver a meaningful film is praiseworthy. But, we have already seen similar movies and Appa needs something special to stand out from the rest.
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  • Times Of India | Review By -M Suganth Rating-5/10
Samuthirakani excels as an actor again, though this is not one of his best roles. However, as a director, he gets too preachy. Thambi Ramaiah puts up an impressive performance. It is the little boy Nasath who is the attraction of the film, while Vignesh, Raghav and the girls are apt. The music by Ilaiyaraaja hardly contributes to the film, as does Sasikumar's brief appearance.
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  • Hindustan Times | Review By -Gautaman Bhaskaran Rating-4/10
Appa in the end seems like some moral science class. Preachy to the point of being a laborious watch. A little more finesse could have perhaps lifted Appa out of its self-inflicted drudgery, but I must add that the movie’s climax has been handled with commendable restraint.
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  • The Hindu | Review By -Baradwaj Rangan
I rolled my eyes, but the people around me clapped every time a moral instruction erupted from Dayalan’s lips. Clearly, there’s still an audience that, after a century of cinema, is only interested in what is being said, not how — only content, not form. That may be this film’s biggest message.
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Samuthirakani, Thambi Ramaiah, Namo Narayana, J. Vignesh
P Samuthirakani
P Samuthirakani
P Samuthirakani
P Samuthirakani
Vijay C Chakravarthy
produced by: 
P Samuthirakani
run time: 
122 minutes
censor certification: 

Plot Synopsis
A drama film directed by P Samuthirakani, starring P Samuthirakani and J Vignesh in the lead roles. Appa revolves around the life of three boys and the bond they share with their father.