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Kabira Kannada Movie Review

Santeyalli Ninta Kabira Movie Review

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Critic Reviews Kabira Kannada Movie

  • Bangalore Mirror | Review By -Shyam Prasad S Rating-7/10
Indra Babu had an 'explosive' content on his hands. He has only managed to make a film without ruffling too many feathers. But just by making this 'historical' film, he has rejuvenated the relevance of Kabir today and also of films as a means of social discourse. At least for this reason, watching Santheyalli Ninta Kabira is necessary.
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  • Deccan Herald | Review By -S Viswanath Rating-6/10
How Kabira, despite being persecuted and slandered by both Hindu and Muslim communities for his forward thinking ways, and champions the cause of downtrodden forms the rest of Indra Babu’s moving film. Besides Shiva Kumar’s stellar performance as the saintly Kabira, debutant Sanusha as Loi also does a competent job. The ensemble cast too comes up with engaging performances.
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  • Cine Sinchana | Review By -Raju Shanbhag Rating-6/10
The film is good, but not monumental, which it had the potential to be. The director and the team could have put more efforts in showcasing 15th century Kashi in its full realistic glory. Dialogues sometime look straight out of a play and so do the costumes. Despite beautiful cinematography and effective background music, SNK sometimes fails to impress as the director conveniently ignores establishing the plot. Scenes start abruptly and end equally abruptly.
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  • The Hindu | Review By -Archana Nathan
Overall, the film is a mediocre adaptation. It seems as if the filmmaker struggled to prioritise over what to include and what not to. Most scenes lack a proper transitional device and seem to be separated by a fade out at best. It is the music, dialogues and most importantly, the cinematography that finally save the film.
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  • Times Of India | Review By -Sunayana Suresh Rating-7/10
Kabira is beautifully shot, has some lovely tunes and puts forth relevant questions, albeit it unfurls at its own pace. The first half gets off on a jagged note, but the narrative stabilizes as the story progresses. Kabira is not for someone who wants entertainment akin to minute noodles. Kabira is a film that you need to watch losing yourself in the visuals, appreciating the words that Kabira wrote that resonate and make sense even today.
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Shiva Rajkumar, Sanusha, Sarath Kumar, Avinash, Sharath Lohitashwa, Anant Nag, Bhagirathi Bai Kadam, Sunitha Ramachari, Sanjjanaa Galrani
lndra Babu
Bhisham Sahni, Gopal Wajapeyi (Based on Bhisham Sahni's play "Kabira Khada Bazaar Mein")
Gopal Wajapeyi, Narendra Babu
Naveen Kumar
Ismail Darbar
produced by: 
Kumaraswamy Pathikonda
run time: 
140 minutes
censor certification: 

Plot Synopsis
Kabira is a biographical drama and is directed by lndra Babu. Santheyalli Nintha Kabira has Sanusha Santhosh and Shivaraj Kumar in the lead roles.

Kabira is an epic biography drama based on the life story of Santha Kabira Das. The film stars Shivarajkumar in the title role.