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Mohenjo Daro Hindi Movie Review

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Critic Reviews Mohenjo Daro

  • News 18 | Review By -Rajeev Masand Rating-4/10
Gowariker, the director of Lagaan, Swades and Jodhaa-Akbar, once had the knack of weaving compelling drama around unusual stories, but the new film is devoid of both. I’m going with two out of five for Mohenjo Daro. AR Rahman’s score, and the sincerity that Hrithik brings to the film are its only strengths. Let’s face it, this tale was best left in the ruins.

  • Koimoi | Review By -Surabhi Redkar Rating-3/10
In spite of claiming to have cut down the film’s run-time, this seems like a never ending affair. First half is bearable, but the second half really tests your patience. The climax sequence of the drowning city is another case of bad CGI. The sets look magnificent but with no substance in story, it is a waste. Mohenjo Daro is a major failure in terms of both history and execution.
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  • NDTV | Review By -Saibal Chatterjee Rating-4/10
Mohenjo Daro is an unabashedly garish reimagining of a prehistoric period about which little is still known with finality, a fact that the film acknowledges via a pre-credits disclaimer. Mohenjo Daro is a massive mess that the loose-limbed Hrithik Roshan cannot yank away from its mediocrity, no matter how hard he tries.
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  • Times Of India | Review By -Srijana Mitra Das Rating-7/10
Mohenjo Daro should've had many more grand moments. As it is, it's less Ben Hur and more Amrapali - sans the sex appeal of Vyjanthimala's bustiers. However, its scale and imagination make it an interesting watch - as does the intriguing notion of Hrithik as India's first pratham sevak. That's epic enough.
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  • Hindustan Times | Review By -Anupama Chopra Rating-3/10
It breaks my heart to say this because so much talent and sweat is involved, but Mohenjo Daro is a mess. It has ambition and scale. It also has the industrial-strength sincerity of Hrithik Roshan, who pours his soul into every scene. But the burden of carrying this leaden, cartoon-like narrative proves too much even for his Herculean shoulders. At best, the film works as unintentional comedy.
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  • Bollywood Life | Review By -Sreeju Sudhakaran Rating-4/10
This is no Lagaan. This is no Jodha Akbar. Mohenjo Daro maybe better that Ashutosh’s What’s Your Raashee? (actually anything is better than that bore), but the film is a let down on several counts. Watch it only if you want to satiate your curiosity about that era (even that won’t help much) or for Hrithik Roshan. If you want to see a film that lets you learn more about the Indus Valley civilization, forget the idea and open your third grade history books.
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  • Hindustan Times | Review By -Sweta Kaushal Rating-5/10
Made on an estimated budget of Rs 115 crore, the film has a grand canvas. The over-whelming long shots and beautiful close-ups are something to look forward to. The climax sequence is especially breathtaking. Watch the film if Hrithik’s physique, dancing skills are enough to attract you but you can totally avoid it if a grandeur does not make up for the lack of substance, facts and logic.
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  • DNA | Review By -Sarita Tanwar Rating-5/10
The problem with Mohenjo Daro is that the love story has nothing new to offer. The novelty was the backdrop but that's amateurishly presented. In terms of look and feel, the film is shoddy. The scale is poor and the VFX even worse. Watch it if you're a Hrithik Roshan fan. The rest of Mohenjo Daro belongs to a bygone era.
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  • Deccan Chronicle | Review By -Rohit Bhatnagar Rating-4/10
Mohenjo Daro is clich├ęd. Telling a story of 2016 BCE in the present day can be problematic if it’s not made well, and that’s Mohenjo Daro’s downfall. The movie is also reminiscent of 'Kites', which is a revenge saga, with an urban backdrop. Watch 'Mohenjo Daro' if you’re still stuck in the ‘80s or ‘90s, or just enjoy a steaming mug of coffee in the rains instead.
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  • India Today | Review By -Devarsi Ghosh Rating-4/10
Is the film engaging and entertaining at least? Mohenjo Daro is nothing you have not seen before. It is the same old hero-making tale where one man rises to become the leader by fighting the despot; the fight between Sarman and the giant men in the ring echoes Gladiator. Gowariker simply adds the 'historic film' tadka to package and sell it because on paper, the idea is great.
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  • Rediff | Review By -Raja Sen Rating-3/10
Historical accuracy be darned, Gowariker has served up a severely amateurish production with a weak script and an abundance of cliche. For the most part this is a silly film where any two people do not bother lowering their voices in order to conspire against a third person in the room. Unless you too are hallucinating, I suggest you stay away from these cinematic ruins.
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  • Rediff | Review By -Sukanya Verma Rating-2/10
Eventually as the film progresses, or should I say drags, it’s obvious the crocodile is the only bit of thrill Mohenjo Daro has to offer. Gratification like A R Rahman's soundtrack, no longer a consolation, comes belatedly and briefly in a dramatic climax. In this giant bore which squanders three fourth of its duration over a cloying romance, an antiquated screenplay is the only thing that comes close to ancient.
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  • Indian Express | Review By -Shubhra Gupta Rating-3/10
It beats me how so much time and effort can be spent on creating something meant to be jaw-dropping, but which leaves you sighing at the sheer waste of it all. Just when you think the plot is shifting just a fraction, out pops yet another item number, complete with whirling dervishes and belly dancers
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  • Gulf News | Review By -Manjusha Radhakrishnan Rating-5/10
But, it’s not all bad. The morality tale of good trumping evil is engaging and the climax, which involves an all-consuming flood is well captured. While Hegde lends good support, Bedi and his on-screen son snarl and roar to make their displeasure known. This is Roshan’s showcase all the way. While it splutters in places, the folkish epic makes for a good one-time watch.
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  • Bollywood Hungama | Review By -BH Review Rating-5/10
Despite the humongous canvas of the film, the film's story and screenplay turns out to be a major letdown, thus disappointing the viewers to the core. The film's cinematography is above average. The film's editing lands up being one of the film's shortcomings. MOHENJO DARO comes across as a grand historical fictional tale which appeals only in parts. The lack of engaging and relatable drama act as spoilsport in the narrative.
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Hrithik Roshan, Pooja Hegde, Kabir Bedi, Arunoday Singh, Suhasini Mulay, Nitish Bharadwaj, Kishori Shahane, Sharad Kelkar, Manish Choudhary, Narendra Jha
Ashutosh Gowariker
Ashutosh Gowariker
Ashutosh Gowariker
Preeti Mamgain
CK Muraleedharan
AR Rahman
produced by: 
Siddharth Roy Kapur, Sunita Gowariker
Action, Adventure, Romance
run time: 
155 minutes
censor certification: 

Plot Synopsis
Mohenjo Daro is an epic adventure-romance film written and directed by Ashutosh Gowariker. Mohenjo Daro features actors Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde in the lead roles.

During the Pre-historic Indus Valley, in 2016 BC, the evil greed of a man is about to destroy one of the oldest cities in the ancient world, Mohenjo Daro. A young indigo farmer, Sarman, enters the city and meets Chaani, the daughter of the Priest, predicted to be the Origin of a New Society. Sarman, in his attempt to win Chaanis love, uncovers the secrets nobody was ever supposed to know - about Chaani, about Mohenjo Daro and about his own past!