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Pinneyum Malayalam Movie Review

Pinneyum Malayalam Movie Review

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Average Rating - 5.2/10
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Critic Reviews Pinneyum

  • Times of India | Review By -Asha Prakash Rating-5/10
Nedumudi Venu, Vijayaraghavan and Indrans also do their parts well. However, with regard to the two teenage actors in the movie, the less said, the better. There is nothing incomprehensible to a lay viewer in Pinneyum, but the intensity and sub-texts one looks forward to is also missing.
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  • Indian Express | Review By -Goutham VS Rating-6/10
Adoor’s films revolve around these familiar themes and his works have a touch of authenticity. However, in Pinneyum, the script is oddly theatrical and seems to be detached from the characters. Pinneyum is certainly not Adoor’s best visual expedition, but like his earlier works, the film tries to explore the human psyche through a very ordinary narrative technique.
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  • Rediff | Review By -Paresh C Palicha Rating-4/10
This may be a film for the masses, as there are no pregnant pauses or layered emotions, it feels as if Adoor has targeted this film to be a commercial success. But Dileep redresses the complaint that he does not try to do variety of roles by accepting this role. And, we have seen Kavya in such despondent roles many a times. This makes Pinneyum a sum total of many compromises.
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  • Manorama | Review By -G Ragesh Rating-6/10
MJ Radhakrishnan's visuals, B. Ajith Kumar's editing and Bijibal's music add to the realistic nature of the film. Pinneyum does not fall among the best works of Adoor, but it definitely has the Adoor touch in the treatment of its subject and characters.
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  • Filmibeat | Review By -Akhila Menon Rating-6/10
The slow pace might test the patience of the viewers of commercial cinema, but that is Adoor Gopalakrishnan's approach towards cinema.Pinneyum is a complete Adoor Gopalakrishnan film. The master yet again proves why he is one among the best film-makers of Indian cinema. The film is highly recommended to the lovers of offbeat films.
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  • Behindwoods | Review By -BW Review Rating-4/10
The takeaways of  the movie Pinneyum are the sequences showing family bondage and the story. But a better execution would have made this flick a memorable one. Overall, a better presentation could have saved Pinneyum's strong plot.
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Dileep Pillai, Kavya Madhavan, Nedumudi Venu, Akshara Kishor, Indrans, K. P. A. C. Lalitha, Vijayaraghavan, Sathi Premji, Subodh Bhave, Srinda Ashab, Meera Nallur
Adoor Gopalakrishnan
Adoor Gopalakrishnan
Adoor Gopalakrishnan
Adoor Gopalakrishnan
MJ Radhakrishnan
Bijibal Maniyil
produced by: 
Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Baby Mathew Somatheeram
Drama, Romance
run time: 
122 minutes
censor certification: 

Plot Synopsis
Pinneyum is a romantic film directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan, starring Dileep Pillai and Kavya Madhavan in the lead roles.

Pinneyum speaks about love, romance, and about the bond between family members. The film marks the return of renowned director Adoor Gopalakrishnan after a gap of eight years.