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Thirunaal Tamil Movie Review

Thirunaal Tamil Movie Review

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Critic Reviews Thirunaal

  • Hindustan Times | Review By -Gautaman Bhaskaran Rating-2/10
Ramnath’s Thirunaal in Tamil can at best be summed up as a romp of rowdies, punctuated by pelvic thrusting, horribly vulgar dances, swing of sickles, spurting blood and a love affair between a school teacher and, well, a lungi-clad goon. One never completely understands the head or tail of a plot in which the heroine, an affectionate schoolteacher from a modest but respectable family, flips for a rowdy, unlettered and uncouth, essayed by Jiiva.
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  • Filmi Beat | Review By -Avinash Gopinath Rating-4/10
With a lot of clich├ęd elements in its storyline, Thirunaal could've gained a lot from a pacy screenplay. Unfortunately, that is not the case here. Cinematography by Mahesh Muthuswami is the only bright spot in the technical department as he has captured the rawness involved in rural based movies.With poor execution and a monotonous screenplay, Thirunaal doesn't have anything great to offer.
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  • Behindwoods | Review By -BW Review Rating-3/10
Director Ramnath has attempted to tell a message, but the message doesn’t have an impact. He can be appreciated for giving the rurality feel throughout the movie. Having a set of talented cast in hand, the director could have made a great entertainer, but what we see is a run-of-the-mill drama. Overall, Thirunaal is a rural flick that could have worked better had it been handled with an engaging screenplay.
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  • Rediff | Review By -S Saraswathi Rating-5/10
Quite like Ambasamudram Ambani that preached that hard work makes everything possible, Thirunaal also has a relevant social message. But the worn-out plot, excessive violence and loud dramatic music make Thirunaal a dark and unappealing tale.
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  • Times Of India | Review By -M Suganth Rating-4/10
There are times when the director tries to nudge the film from becoming routine, especially in the second half once Blade reforms, and see signs of a darker story about violence begets violence but these efforts end up as half-hearted attempts because they are done only to deliver a message (the end card has the director preachifying about the need to love one another) than to narrate a story.
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  • The Hindu | Review By -Baradwaj Rangan
The trailer for PS Ramnath’s Thirunaal made me expect yet another “rowdy movie,” and the film is that – but it’s also a little more. This time, the rowdy doesn’t even have a name. He’s known by his implement of choice, a razor blade that he snaps in half and tucks into his tongue, the way Rajinikanth once stashed away cigarettes. Blade (Jiiva) has a cool trick. In action scenes, he snaps the blade into smaller pieces and spits them out at attackers.
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Jiiva, Nayantara, Meenakshi, Sharath Lohitashwa, Gobinath, Karunas, Joe Malloori, V. I. S. Jayapalan, Ramachandran Durairaj, G. Marimuthu
PS Ramnath
PS Ramnath
PS Ramnath
PS Ramnath
Mahesh Muthuswamy
Srikanth Deva
produced by: 
M Senthil Kumar
Action, Crime, Drama
run time: 
138 minutes
censor certification: 

Plot Synopsis
An action film directed by PS Ramnath, starring Jiiva and Nayanthara Kurian in the lead roles.

Thirunaal is the story of a rustic young man called Blade Ganesh who has a change of heart after falling in love.