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Nirmala Convent Telugu Movie Review

Nirmala Convent Telugu Movie Review

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Average Rating - 4.8/10
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Critic Reviews Nirmala Convent

  • The Hindu | Review By -Srivathsan Nadadhur Rating-5/10
Nagarjuna’s rendition of ‘Kotha Kotha Bhasha’ appeals, but his presence in the film hardly makes a great impact. Surya, Anitha Chowdhary and Satya Krishnan do justice to their parts. Some more homework and Nirmala Convent could have passed muster.
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  • Times of India | Review By -Pranita Jonnalagedda Rating-5/10
The background score of the film reminds you of an era gone by and the friends of the hero start off as fun but become irritating later on with their jokes not seeming funny at all. Nirmala Convent has an interesting message and class to give but the highly enthusiastic students that we are, we wanted a lot more!
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  • Indian Express | Review By -Krishna Vamsi Rating-5/10
What works in Nirmala Convent’s favour though is the fresh new leads — Samuel or Sam (Roshan Meka) and Shanti (Shriya Sharma). The duo makes the most of the script and has a great chemistry together. The supporting characters in the boy and girl’s gangs also have some great potential and the lone comic warrior ‘Thagubothu Ramesh’, a perpetual drunkard, easily manages to steal the show.
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  • Now Running | Review By -NR Review Rating-3/10
Due to the glaring directional errors, the first half is tad too slow and the second half is just Okay. The movie will be a disappointing debut for Roshan and the only positive will be the good marks for Roshan's performance. If not for Nagarjuna's cameo, things would have been even worse.
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  • 123 Telugu | Review By -123Telugu Rating-6/10
Nirmala Convent is a perfect launch pad for Roshan Srikanth. The young hero shines in his role and surely has a rocking future ahead. The film also has some decent moments and moves at a simple pace. If you ignore the slow first half and predictable nature of the film, you can give this film a shot for its innocence and Nag’s cameo.
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  • AP Herald | Review By -Siva Kumar Rating-5/10
Screenplay is bad and it is executed in worst way possible. So due to this everything gets rotten. The redundancy is obvious in every frame. It seems the scriptwriters obviously ran out of ideas. Furthermore the characters of Nirmala Convent Telugu Movie Review, Rating are incredibly boring and totally lack complexity.
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  • Chitramala | Review By -Vikram Guru Rating-5/10
Second half seems to be inspired from Slumdog millionaire and the scenes where Roshan tries to get Nagarjuna’s attention has nothing to excite. King Nagarjuna’s guest role doesn’t make any difference to this pale and mediocre movie. His guest role appeals more to his fans. To summarise, this Nirmala Convent is not a great debut for anyone despite it’s cast and production.
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Roshan Meka, Shriya Sharma, Aditya Menon, Ravi Prakash, Sameer, Surya, Prabhu, Roshan Kanakala, Chandrahas, L. B. Sriram, Thagubothu Ramesh, Satya Krishnan
G Naga Koteswara Rao
G Naga Koteswara Rao
G Naga Koteswara Rao
SV Visheshwar
Roshan Saluri
produced by: 
Nagarjuna Akkineni, Nimmagadda Prasad
Drama, Romance
run time: 
152 minutes
censor certification: 

Plot Synopsis
Nirmala Convent is a romantic film directed by G Naga Koteswara Rao, starring Roshan Meka and Sriya Sharma in the lead roles.

The film is about two families who are warring over a piece of land, and their children who fall in love with each other.

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