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Oozham Malayalam Movie Review

Oozham Malayalam Movie Review

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Average Rating - 5.3/10
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Critic Reviews Oozham

  • Times of India | Review By -Asha Prakash Rating-6/10
If the script was a bit tighter and the lags absent, the film could well have been a perfect Hollywood style thriller. Oozham is a straight thriller, with all the elements of a movie of the genre. The focus is on the execution than the plot, and the fast pace and thrilling climax makes it a worthwhile watch.
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  • Manorama | Review By -Gopika KP Rating-6/10
Jeethu Joseph has avoided unnecessary scenes like romance and songs that would have ruined the all round feel of the movie. Instead, he shows certain family values and attachments any person would love to experience and watch. Oozham is an average revenge drama with no suspense and few twists. A one-time watch.
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  • Indian Express | Review By -Vishnu Varma Rating-4/10
The one big relief in the film is that Jeethu has not tried to inject song sequences or a romantic narrative into it, which would have annoyed viewers more. ‘Oozham’ stays true to an ordinary revenge saga with nothing much to offer. Quite frankly, there’s nothing much one would miss by not watching it as well.
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  • Deccan Chronicle | Review By -Priya Sreekumar Rating-6/10
The action and blast sequences are amaeuterish and the dubbing does not always sync with the lip movements. There is even a scene where a character who is supposedly dead flutters his eyelashes in a close- up. The camera work by Shamdat is praiseworthy. Oozham is definitely a film that stands out for its swift execution.
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  • Filmibeat | Review By -Akhila Menon Rating-6/10
It is not a conventional thriller, which offers several twists and turns, but is surely a unique film which stands out with its making style. But, the movie lacks clarity at certain points and will leave you in doubts, at the climax. Overall, Oozham is an unconventional, unique, revenge drama which will keep you engaged.
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  • Behindwoods | Review By -BW Review Rating-4/10
In total, the movie disappoints anyone who is used to watching crime thrillers and revenge drama as Oozham's story has nothing new to offer. Oozham is an one time watch only if you really love revenge dramas.
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Prithviraj Sukumaran, Divya Pillai, Rasna Pavithran, Neeraj Madhav, Balachandra Menon, Kishor Satya, Irshad, Sreejith Ravi, Sampath Raj, Jayaprakash, Pasupathy, Seetha
Jeethu Joseph
Jeethu Joseph
Jeethu Joseph
Jeethu Joseph
Shamdat Sainudeen
Anil Johnson
produced by: 
Anto Padinjarekkara, C George
Action, Drama, Thriller
run time: 
139 minutes
censor certification: 

Plot Synopsis
Oozham is a revenge drama directed by Jeethu Joseph starring Prithviraj Sukumaran in the lead role.

Oozham's story revolves around a man who takes revenge on a group of people that kidnapped his sister.