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31st October Hindi Movie Review

31st October Hindi Movie Review

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Critic Reviews 31st October

  • NDTV | Review By -Saibal Chatterjee Rating-5/10
31st October suffers for want of a sharper and stronger screenplay. The quality of the acting, too, is rather rudimentary. The film could certainly have done with a more apt lead pair than Soha Ali Khan and Vir Das, neither of whom look right for the parts of a Sikh man and his wife.
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  • Times of India | Review By -Nihit Bhave Rating-5/10
To its credit, the movie is only 102 minutes long, and you can see a sense of honesty in it. But the final product is underwhelming and looks like a small-scale remake of the Hollywood film franchise, The Purge (innocent people running scared on the streets, dodging murderous mobs).
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  • Spotboye | Review By -Khalid Mohamed Rating-4/10
Unfortunately October 31st directed by Shivaji Lotan Patil and Harry Sachdeva turns out to be half-boiled account of the immediate aftermath of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s 1984 assassination by her Sikh bodyguards. The outcome is neither of great archival value nor a hard-hitting depiction of the events.
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  • Koimoi | Review By -Surabhi Redkar Rating-3/10
31st October comes across a terribly shot, poorly written and shoddily acted film. Definitely skip! 31st October is a classic example of how to not make a film. It has problems in almost all of its departments and hence give this one a miss.
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  • Hindustan Times | Review By -Rohit Vats Rating-5/10
But it gets a bit stretched despite the 102-minute length. Twists are predictable and secondary actors appear half prepared. Also, they keep shifting gears between Punjabi and Hindi. There isn’t just one narrator or a central character. That shifts focus to some extent because sub-stories become a bit preachy about the riots.
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  • Indian Express | Review By -Shubhra Gupta Rating-3/10
31st October had the chance to re-construct that ghastly day and show just how an event can spiral out of control, and just how easily hatred can be fanned and spread when the law and order machinery has been told to look the other way. But the film has nothing – neither narrative nor engaging characters—on offer.
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  • Filmfare | Review By -Rachit Gupta Rating-4/10
The movie genuinely tries to depict the suffering  of a community and the death toll that occurred on that fateful day. Anyone watching  this film will have to settle for its intentions alone. Everything else in this melodramatic overdose is genuinely embarrassing.
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  • India Today | Review By -Devarsi Ghosh Rating-2/10
There are films so fantastic that words are incapable of describing them. There are films so terrible that one would relish at tearing them apart with words. Then, there are films like 31st October that are so dreadfully drab that writing about them is as pointless as the film itself.
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  • Deccan Chronicle | Review By -Arnab Banerjee Rating-3/10
Neither is any attempt made to go beyond what is already in public domain, and so, the film fatally lacks in focus or momentum. In terms of the background to such an unfortunate incident, the director doesn’t furnish us with any more insights, whatsoever, to give us a peep into the cause for such an attack.
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  • DNA | Review By -Bryan Durham Rating-3/10
It neither serves as a grim yet unforgettable reminder of the day some men became monsters or offers hope that history won't repeat itself. As a film goes, it makes you feel nothing. And that's just sad. Avoidable.
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  • News 18 | Review By -Divya Pal Rating-4/10
While the film manages to capture the unabated violence convincingly, and the efforts that stranded Sikh families to save their lives and a few Hindu families extending help, the impact doesn’t come across too strongly.
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Soha Ali Khan, Vir Das, Lakha Lakhwinder Singh, Deepraj Rana, Vineet Sharma, Nagesh Bhonsle, Daya Shankar Pandey, Pritam Kagne
Shivaji Lotan Patil
Harry Sachdeva
Harry Sachdeva, Amit Tuli
Harry Sachdeva
Ramani Ranjan Das
Vijay Verma
produced by: 
Harry Sachdeva
Crime, Drama
102 minutes
censor certification: 

Plot Synonyms
31st October is based on a true story, which focuses on the aftermath of Indira Gandhi's assassination which occurred on 31 October 1984 (wikipedia). 31st October is directed by Shivaji Lotan Patil, starring Vir Das and Soha Ali Khan.

In 24 hours of uncertain oscillations, helplessness and with their relatives dying, and neighbours turning hostile, Devender's family seeks help from their Hindu friends who live across town. As Pal, Tilak and Yogesh travel to save Devender`s family, they come face-to-face with the destruction of humanity. They witness the carnage and the moral corruption that makes men turn into savages.

In their attempt in ferrying Devender's family to safety, Pal, Tilak and Yogesh must face their own demons first.

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