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MSG 3 The Warrior Lionheart Movie Review

MSG 3 The Warrior Lionheart Movie Review

MSG: The Warrior Lion Heart, the third installment in the MSG film series is back to entertain its fans. Like Gurmeet's previous two movies, this film is also written, acted, directed etc etc by Gurmeet Ram Raheem Singh Insan. He is an all-rounder, the jack of all trades. Papaji tussi great ho!

In this film Gurmeet Singh plays 'Sher Dil' who protects his land against enemies.

His prosperous kingdom is at peace. And people are relishing his song, dance & teachings and cheering his bravery. But an imminent Alien attack is threatening his kingdom's existence and Sher Dil must stop those invading Aliens. This is the story of 'MSG 3 The Warrior Lion Heart' in short.

The movie however, doesn't stick to its storyline. It's all over the place, it's incoherent. Multiple subplots and random scenes, make you feel like you are watching two movies at the same time, intermixed. But the movie is just under 2 hours and some of the stunts, scenes and dialogues are totally crazy and hilarious, making 'MSG: The Warrior Lion Heart' entertaining. It's trashy entertainment, you laugh with the movie, you laugh at the movie; So bad, it's good!

Now that Sher Dil has the excuse to display his super-powers, he stops at nothing. He has to time travel to beat the enemies.  He moves with such speed that movie itself gets confused with whether he is in past, future or present.

MSG 3 Gurmeet Singh Insaan

The invading Aliens wear cheap LED costumes and flimsy headgears. They bring along rickety spaceships and toy laser guns to do the job. And they speak Hindi in a 'firangi' accent.

Sher Dil has his guns, bazookas, swords, mace and other weird shaped weapons which he uses to beat the baddies. There is nothing this saviour of his land can't do. He is highly intelligent, reads people's mind with just a glance, rides impossible machines in impossible ways, singe-handedly takes on enemies and beats them to a pulp, flies in air, moves at the speed of sound, travels back and forth in time. Nope, he is no God, he is 'Insaan'. Clearly, those underprivileged aliens and other enemies are no match for Sher Dil. They are sitting ducks just waiting to get their ass kicked.

MSG 3 Movie Review MSG 3 Review

MSG 3 The Warrior Lion Heart Movie Review

Finally, as you would expect, Sher Dil defeats all of his enemies and gives us some piece of his mind. And Happy Ending.

MSG 3 The Warrior Lion Heart Movie Review

MSG: The Warrior Lion Heart is not for everyone, it's made for its specific target audience. Amateurish direction, choppy screenplay, muddled storyline, flashy costumes get neutralized by over the top comical action scenes, hilariously amateurish acting, hilarious dialogues and sets. Music and cinematography are okay. Visual effects are just okay. Watching MSG: The Warrior Lion Heart is one hell of an experience. You got to be a brave lionheart to experience this.

And good news for all you MSG fans, there is one more MSG movie to come! Hell Yeah!!

If you are a MSG fan and liked both the previous films, then get out and watch this ASAP.

MSG The Warrior Lion Heart is an absolute entertainer made specially for fans.
Rating - 4/5

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