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Nagarahavu / Nagarahaavu Kannada Movie Review

Nagarahavu / Nagarahaavu Kannada Movie Review

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Average Rating - 3.4/10
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Critic Reviews Nagarahavu / Nagarahaavu

  • Times of India | Review By -Sunayana Suresh Rating-5/10
This film can make a one-time watch if you're a fan of Vishnuvardhan or have missed Ramya on big screen. But be prepared to sit through an arduous first half to get a glimpse of some entertainment.
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  • Bangalore Mirror | Review By -Sridhar Vivan Rating-4/10
The much-hyped recreation of Vishnuvardhan in computer graphics is miserable. And to top it all, director Kodi Ramakrishna seems horribly out of touch. The main plot is full of badly written characters played by actors who seem bored with the goings-on.
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  • The Hindu | Review By -Y Sunita Chowdhary Rating-3/10
Sai Kumar impresses in a brief role and Ramya does a great job but all that’s pointless when the substance is so boring and the screenplay puts you to sleep. By the end of the film, all one remembers is a gigantic repulsive serpent heading to devour us.
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  • Deccan Herald | Review By -S Viswanath Rating-4/10
Through special effects and graphics, the late iconic star is brought to life on screen in the last ten minutes. But for this momentous, avidly awaited date with their much-idolised star, the film turns out totally vacuous affair, with special effects taking chunk of money spent on producing it.
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  • Indian Express | Review By -Manoj Kumar R Rating-1/10
The film suffers from absurd screenplay, senseless performances, cringeworthy songs and bizarre visual effects. Ramya’s character as shape-shifting serpent adds to the despair, even a terrifying 20-foot-snake fails to thrill and excite the audience.
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  • Deccan Chronicle | Review By -Shashiprasad SM Rating-3/10
Nagarahavu is a huge disappointment. Apart from ‘nanoseconds’ of the digital creation of Sahasasimha and the pretty Ramya who looks good in her comeback avatar, there is hardly any respite in this most awaited fantasy venture.
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  • 123 Telugu | Review By -123Telugu Rating-4/10
Nagabharanam is an outdated and loud graphical extravaganza which banks heavily on VFX work. Having said that, the film might appeal to the Kannada audience as their late superstar Vishnu Vardhan is brought back to life in a very interesting way.

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Vishnuvardhan, Diganth, Ramya, Saikumar, Rajesh Vivek, Sadhu Kokila, Mukul Dev, Ravi Kale
Kodi Ramakrishna
Kodi Ramakrishna
Kodi Ramakrishna, MS Ramesh
MS Ramesh
HC Venugopal
produced by: 
Dhaval Gada, Sajid Qureshi, Sohail Ansari
Fantasy, Thriller
141 minutes
censor certification: 

Plot Synopsis
Nagarahavu / Nagarahaavu is a fantasy thriller film directed by Kodi Ramakrishna, starring Vishnuvardhan, Ramya and Diganth in the lead roles.

Nagarahaavu starts with a flashback character called Naganika (Ramya). She and her forefathers have been saving an ancient monument since many 100s of years. Evil Tantrik Kapali (Rajesh Vivek Upadhayay) and his forefathers have been fighting with Naganika`s family since many years to occupy this Lord Shiva Monument.

Kapali kills Naganika and occupies the monument. While dying she takes an oath that she will come back to take revenge by Kapali. In the next birth, Naganika takes birth as Manasa, a snake woman to take revenge.