Rangoon Box Office Collection Report | Upto Day 14

Rangoon Box Office Collection | Upto Day 14 Report

Week 2 Update

Rangoon collected approximately around 1.2 Cr. in its second week at the box office. The overall India box office collection total after week 2 for Rangoon stands at ~ 22 Cr. (TF).

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Day 7 Update

On Day 7, Rangoon collected around 1 Cr. at the box office, taking the first week total to ~21 Cr. India nett. Collections will be very low for Rangoon in its second week due new movies releasing and reduced number of screens and shows.

Day 6 Update

Rangoon continued its poor run at the Box Office and collected a meagre 1.2 Cr. on Day 6. The overall six day total for Rangoon stands at 20.1 Cr. India nett.

Day 5 Update

Box Office collections of Rangoon further went down on Day 5 (Tuesday). The drop in the collections on Day 5 is around 25% to that of Monday.

Day 4 Update

As expected, Rangoon had a big drop in box office collections on Day 4 (First Monday) and the drop was more than 60% to that of Sunday's collections. The overall four day total for Rangoon is 17.4 Cr. India nett (TF).

Day 3 Update

Rangoon showed a very paltry growth at the box office on Sunday (Day 3) and the collections were on par with the Day 1 collections. This pretty much seals the fate of Rangoon at the box office and it's going to be huge loss. Seeing the downward trend for Rangoon, the drop in collections on Monday (Day 4) is expected to be big. The first weekend total for Rangoon is a disappointing 15.4 Cr. India nett (TF) for an expensive multi-starrer film.

Day 2 Update

Rangoon showed no growth on Saturday (Day 2) and collections at the box office were flat. In fact the collections slightly went down. This indicates very low interest among audience for Rangoon and not so good word-of-mouth. Business was very dull at the single screens and the major chunk of the BO collections came from multiplexes. Rangoon needs a miracle on Day 3 at the box office to get to some respectable total. Sunday's collections will be very crucial for Rangoon.

On Day 1

Rangoon had a poor start at the Box Office on Day 1, and the collections are below the expected levels. The expectations, however were not high, but still trade expected Rangoon to have atleast a decent start. Especially, when yesterday was a holiday due to MahaShivaratri festival. From here, Rangoon depends heavily on good word-of-mouth to perform better at the Box Office. Rangoon is not a typical mass masala movie that caters to single screen mass audience and it is the multiplex audience who can save or tank this film.

Saif Ali Khan, who is coming back after a series of flops at the box office (Bullet Raja, Humshakals, Happy Ending and Phantom), and did not have a release in 2016, desperately needs a hit at the BO. Shahid Kapoor too needs a hit after the average grosser Udta Punjab and BO disaster Shaandaar. And previous couple of movies of Kangana Ranaut, Katti Batti & I Love NY were Box Office flops. All the three lead actors of Rangoon did not have a good run at the box office in the recent past. However, them being together in a multi-starrer gives them a better chance at the Box Office. But looking at the Day 1 collections, Rangoon should show very good growth on Saturday and Sunday to prevent itself from sinking at the box office.

Rangoon opened to mixed reviews from the critics (See Rangoon Critic Reviews). Rangoon's box office verdict will depend on how well it can sustain on Day 2 and how much growth in BO collection it can show on weekends. Collections of Rangoon will depend on multiplex audience and a good word-of-mouth. Here is the detailed Box Office report.

Rangoon Box Office Collection Report

Rangoon Day-Wise Box Office Collection Breakdown

Day 1 -
P F - 6.07 Crores in India
T F - 5.2 Crores in India

Day 2 - 
P F - NA
T F - 5.0 Crores in India

Day 3 - 
P F - NA
T F - 5.2 Crores in India

Day 4 - 
P F - NA
T F - 2.0 Crores in India

Day 5 - 
T F - 1.5 Crores in India

Day 6 - 
T F - 1.2 Crores in India

Day 7 - 
T F - 1 Crores in India

Week 2 - 
T F - 1.2 Crores in India

Overall Total - 
P F - 6.07 Crores in India (Day 1 Total)
T F - 22.3 Crores in India

First Weekend Total - 
T F - 15.4 Cr. India

First Week Total - 
T F - 21.1 Cr. India

Box Office conclusion at the end of Week 2 - Disaster

Total Screens - Around 2100 screens across India at the time of release.

Production Cost - ~70 Cr.

P&A - ~10 Cr.

Total Expenditure - ~80 Cr.

Disclaimer: The above data is gathered from our various sources. Box Office reports and data are never accurate and we do not vouch for the authenticity of the above data. However, we make our best efforts to keep it accurate. The Box Office numbers that are presented here sufficiently point out to the box office performance of the film.

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