Singam 3 / Si3 Tamil Movie Box Office Collection Report | Upto Day 6

Singam 3 aka Si3 Box Office Collection | Upto Day 6 Report

Singam 3 took a very good opening at the Kollywood Box Office on its opening day, which is Thursday a non-holiday. Singam 3 was finally released after many delays and multiple name changes from Singam 3 to S3 to C3 to Si3. The hype surrounding the film may have taken a beating due to change in release dates several times. Singam 3 was originally scheduled to release on Diwali 2016 but due to multiple circumstances was released on 10th feb 2017. Singam 3's box office verdict will depend on how well it can sustain on Day 2 (Friday) and how much growth in BO collection it can show on weekends. Here is the detailed Box Office report.

Singam 3 opened to mixed reviews from the critics (See Singam 3 Critic Reviews). Word-of-mouth will play a crucial role in getting good numbers at the box office. According to sources, Singam 3 hasn't got the desired number of screens in Kerala due to release of Malayalam star Prithviraj's Horror Thriller 'Ezra'. For Singam 3, Saturday & Sunday box office collections will be crucial.

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Day 5 & 6 Update

Singam 3 saw a drop in Box Office collections on Day 5 (Monday) & Day 6 (Tuesday). Drop in collections on Monday was around 50%. Tuesday collections were similar to that of Monday's collections. Producers of Si3 in a press conference yesterday have claimed that Singam 3 has collected 100+ Crores worldwide.

Day 3 & 4 Update

Suriya's Singam 3 had a fair growth at the Box Office on Day 3 (Saturday) & Day 4 (Sunday). Multiplexes and single screens performed equally better on the weekend. In TN, Chennai especially performed well for Si3. KA collections saw a good growth specially in Bangalore and Mysore. In KL, Prithviraj's Malayalam horror thriller 'Ezra' did better business than Si3. Monday's collections will be crucial in deciding the BO verdict and setting the trend for the coming days. Singam 3 had a 4 day weekend release as it was released on Thursday.

Day 2 Update

BO Collections of Singam 3 slightly went down on Day 2. Weekend collections will therefore be crucial for Singam 3. Saturday & Sunday collections will decide the fate of the film and also will indicate the BO trend from Monday.

Singam 3 Si3 Box Office Collection

Singam 3 aka Si3 Day-Wise Box Office Collection Breakdown

Day 1 -
6.2 Crores in TN, which includes around ~ 65 Lakhs alone in Chennai.

Day 2 -
5.1 Crores in TN, which includes around ~50 Lakhs alone in Chennai.

Day 3 -
5.6 Crores in TN, which includes around ~55 Lakhs alone in Chennai.

Day 4 -
6.0 Crores in TN, which includes around ~60 Lakhs alone in Chennai.

Day 5 - 
3.1 Crores in TN

Day 6 - 
2.9 Crores in TN

Total - 
28.9 Crores in TN.

An additional 6 Days collection of 10.5 - 11 Cr. from both KA & KL takes the total to 39.4 - 39.9 Cr.

Dubbed into Telugu as Yamudu 3, has reportedly collected around ~10 Cr. from 6 Days in Telugu Circuit. The overall South India collections for Singam 3 stands at ~49.9 Cr.

Worldwide - 100+ Crores (Producer's Figure)

Total Screens - Around 500 screens in TN.

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