The Ghazi Attack Box Office Collection Report | Upto Day 21

The Ghazi Attack Box Office Collection | Upto Day 21 Report

Week 3 Update

The Ghazi Attack collected an estimated 3 Cr. in its third week at the box office. The overall India box office collection total after week 3 for The Ghazi Attack stands at ~ 36 Cr. (TF).

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Week 2 Update

Collections of The Ghazi Attack in its 2nd week at the box office were decent and somewhat steady. The second week collection was around ~9 Cr. India nett. This takes the overall India total to around ~33 Cr. nett.

Day 7 Update

Collections of The Ghazi Attack were steady and did not witness much fall on Day 7. Collections are expected to go down on Day 8 (Second Friday) as Rangoon is releasing at the theatres. The first week BO total for The Ghazi Attack stands at 23.85 Cr. nett India (TF).

Day 4, 5 & 6 Update

The Ghazi Attack saw a drop in collections on its 4th Day (Monday) at the box office. The drop in collections was around 45% to that of Sunday (TF). Collections on Tuesday (Day 5) were steady. Day 6 (Wednesday) again saw a drop in collections. The overall box office collections of The Ghazi Attack (All versions) stands at 22.55 Cr. nett in India (TF) at the end of Day 6.

Day 3 Update

The box office collections of The Ghazi Attack saw only a slight growth on Day 3 (Sunday). The growth was around 20% to that of Saturday. Turnout at the single screens were poor for the Hindi version. The first weekend collection for The Ghazi Attack stands at 15.1 Cr. nett (TF) in India.

Day 2 Update

The Ghazi Attack on its second day saw a slight growth in the box office collections. The growth was around 25% to that of first day collections. The Telugu version continued to perform better than the Hindi version. The Ghazi Attack should see a very good growth at the Box Office tomorrow, otherwise it will have a hard time recovering the costs. Tomorrow's collection will be crucial for 'The Ghazi Attack'.

On Day 1

The Ghazi Attack took a decent opening at the Box Office on its opening day for a movie lacking a 'Star'. The collections are on the expected levels. Box Office collections from Telugu regions gave a good contribution to the overall opening day tally. The Ghazi Attack is banking entirely on its content for its box office performance, as it isn't a 'mass' film and lacks a ' Star' who could pull the audience just by his/her sheer presence. Rana Daggubati who played the lead villain in the hugely successful Telugu film Bahubali, may help the Telugu version of The Ghazi Attack to get good numbers in Telugu region. In the other parts of country, The Ghazi Attack will be hugely dependent on a strong word-of-mouth to get people to the theatres. Day 2 collections will indicate the trend for The Ghazi Attack. Saturday and Sunday collections will be crucial in getting the investment back and setting the film up for the rest of the week before Rangoon releases.

The Ghazi Attack got average to good reviews from the critics. Reviews for the Telugu version of the film were especially good. Collections may improve in the weekends as the reviews are largely positive and the patriotic angle might help the film, but still as I told earlier, a strong word-of-mouth will play a decisive role in getting the numbers at the box office. Here is the detailed Box Office report of 'The Ghazi Attack'.

The Ghazi Attack Box Office Collection Report

The Ghazi Attack Day-Wise Box Office Collection Breakdown

Day 1 (Friday) - 
P F - 4.25 Crores in India
T F - 4.1 Crores in India

Day 2 - 
P F - 5.25 Crores in India
T F - 5 Crores in India

Day 3 - 
P F - 6.25 Crores in India
T F - 6 Crores in India

Day 4 - 
P F - 3.65 Crores in India
T F - 3.2 Crores in India

Day 5 - 
P F - 3.15 Crores in India
T F - 2.75 Crores in India

Day 6 - 
P F - 2.4 Crores in India
T F - 1.5 Crores in India

Day 7 - 
P F - 2.3 Crores in India
T F - 1.3 Crores in India

Week 2 - 
T F - 9.1 Crores in India

Week 3 - 
T F - 3 Crores in India

Overall Total - 
P F - 27.25 Crores in India (1st Week)
T F - 35.95 Crores in India

First Week Total - 
P F - 27.25 Cr. India
T F - 23.85 Cr. India

Second Week Total - 
T F - 9.1 Cr. India

First Weekend Total - 
P F - 15.75 Cr. India
T F - 15.1 Cr. India

Second Weekend Total - 
T F - 6.9 Cr. India

(nett collections)

Box Office conclusion at the end of Week 3 - Flop

Total Screens - Around 1600 screens across India at the time of release.

Production Cost (Inclusive of P&A) - ~55 Cr

Disclaimer: The above data is gathered from our various sources. Box Office reports and data are never accurate and we do not vouch for the authenticity of the above data. However, we make our best efforts to keep it accurate. The Box Office numbers that are presented here sufficiently point out to the box office performance of the film.

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